Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Rumor

Anyone else hearing anything on this about Manny's wife being the real reason for the trade request? And supposedly b/c Manny cheated on her.


  1. ...hadn't heard that, but it seems a bit weird given how he's been requesting a trade for like 3 years.

  2. I haven't heard anything about that...And I've been looking for any sort of baseball news, but it is slim pickings at this point.

    And it is beginning to look more and more like we won't trade Wells. That's ok with me...He was our best starter last year...

  3. Agreed. Boomer on the '06 staff just makes us better. Hey, and thanks for putting my link up. You guys are great. I put up some of my memories of a Sox game at Fenway nearly 20 years ago. Check it out if you have time. And think, Manny in left while Boomer is pitching. It could happen........

  4. Well there has not been anything in the print, but someone mentioned it on XM and then strangely on the Fox New England Sports Report about a week ago, Felger made the comment basically - "its stupid to trade Manny because he is in trouble with his wife" and in the same report there was comment about not going into people's personal life.

    I know it seems a bit far fetched and its not like if he goes to another city he can't cheat (plus the Sox just lost their most famous philanderer).

    The one thing that does stick out in my mind is that in the past when he requested trades we usually heard more about why he wanted to be traded. This time - not as much plus his house went up for sale? All seems a bit strange.