Monday, January 16, 2006

Indians GM Mark Shapiro on the Red Sox

( reported by Murray Chass!)

"Boston is positioned extremely well for the future. They have a good farm system with upper-level players and a depth of pitching talent. They've rebuilt the farm system from a dilapidated system to a productive one. If they take a small step backward this year, at some point they will go on a run that will be an impressive run. They're a short period away."


  1. That is pretty amazing and I had thought about posting something about this article:

    Where Chass was actually complimentary - especially after he had been taking shots at Boston all winter.

    Maybe he is pissed at someone in the Yankee organization and figures the best way to piss them off is praising the Sox. Or maybe he is pissed that he broke the story that A-Rod is going to play for the USA,which then turned out to not necessarily be true.

  2. Wow, I missed that previous article.

    New theory on Chass: once the season has been over for 3+ months, he calms down, and finds himself able to (1) complement the Sox, and (2) criticize the Yankees. It happened last year as well. But the second the season starts, he goes back to his old self, and stays that way for 9 months or so.

  3. This is truly out of character for this gentleman, who I call Ch(ass). I read him whenever his column is about baseball and he is a true Sox hater, so much so that some of his stuff goes beyond my belief system. So this was a breath of fresh air, if taken in context.

  4. I think I have said it before on Chass - he grew up in Pittsburgh and naturally was a Pirate fan. But especially troubling was that the Yankees used to be the Pirates nemesis back then and vice versa. There was bad blood after and during the 1960 WS - which was one of the most amazing Series ever played. But I digress.

    Murray becoming a Yankee jock strap would be like me joining forces with the NYT 30 years after my youth and suddenly becoming a Yankee fan (and Sox hater).