Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dante's son, Ferno

In the Comments section of a post earlier today, I brought up Dante Bichette, as a sad reminder of who the Sox spokesmen were before Millar, Damon, Schilling, etc. came to town. I guess he was one of the only players on the Sox in 2000-2001 who was neither boring nor batshit crazy. Anyway, GR and X discussed his "dropping the bat" when he thought he hit a HR, and Andrew mentioned his hatred of the guy (such a hater).

I went searching for photos of Dante (I was looking for this awesome photo in particular), and came across this photo of his son Dante Bichette Jr., the star pitcher and hitter for the Maitland (FL) Little League team. They represented the Southeast in the Little League World Series last year. Setting aside the disturbing father-son resemblance , Dante Sr. is a coach for the team (his coach photo, complete with superwhite teeth, can be found here). What's even cooler is that one of Dante Jr.'s teammates is Tanner Stanley, son of former Boston first baseman Mike Stanley (whom we also mentioned in the same Comments section). He's also a coach for Maitland (his photo is here). Pretty cool.

I don't recall this getting any attention in the Boston papers. Maybe that's because I don't read the Boston papers. But I do read the blogs of people who read the Boston papers. So that, you know, is sort of the same thing.


  1. Thanks for the link to the post from earlier today. That makes it really easy for those of us that are:

    a) too lazy to actually scroll down one half screen

    b) too stupid to remember what we were just talking about.

    Thanks man.

  2. you forgot

    c) all of the above

  3. First link is dead. "Remote imaging not allowed."

    I wonder if little Dante is on 'roids yet?

    How cool would that be to have two major league players as your coaches. Hell, I would have settled for a website for my LL team. Instead we got one 4 X 6 photo at the end of the season and some hand written game summaries and stats.

    And is it just me, or does Bichette look like Private Pyle from full metal jacket:


    Of course private pyle is now on one of the Law and Orders.

  4. Hell, I would have settled for a website for my LL team.

    They had websites back in 1973?


  5. 1973 is not that far off.

    That was kind of my point. I don't think Al Gore invented the internet until much later.