Thursday, March 16, 2006


I guess it's a testament to how good the WBC's been so far that I haven't been paying much attention to Spring Training. That's probably a good thing. It seems like people are freaking out about the struggles of a number of potentially key players, particularly Lowell and Arroyo. I just keep reminding myself:

Keith Foulke, spring 2004: 0-1, 9IP, 15ER, 15.00 ERA, 2.22 WHIP
Keith Foulke, 2004 season: 5-3, 83 IP, 20ER, 2.17 ERA, 0.94 WHIP

(Of course, then there's Keith Foulke in 2005, which was worse than his spring training, but whatever...)


  1. Yes, but Loretta is hitting .661...Ridiculous...

    JT Snow...not too bad...

    Schilling has been good...Which is huge for the Sox.

    Clement's last outing very good.

    Arroyo? Terrible.

  2. Dustin Mohr has been pretty good.

    Coco Crisp is solid.

    Manny is ready.

    I think this team will be tough to beat when Big Papi and Tek get back.

    Looking forward to this season...

    Also, I know Lowell's glove is very good, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Youk getting a lot of time over there while JT plays first.

  3. I will be worried about the bullpen until I see all the parts in place - Seanez and Riske have sucked. If Foulke is healthy and can produce as well (or close) as he did in 04, I am less worried about the pen. But if you have to move Timlin or Papelbon to closer, then things get thin pretty quickly.

    The week + between the WBC final and opening day are going to suck. I'm glad I'm heading back to London.