Sunday, March 05, 2006

Todays News

The good. Wells has allegedly agreed to stay. Which, I guess, is good. And if he shows he is healthy in his first couple starts, could increase the likelihood of Clement or Arroyo being dealt.

The bad. Slightly ironic that in week filled with stories about one man's exclusion from the HOF, one of the most questinable electees ever makes the news. Regardless (of course Kirby is not to be blamed for the idiocy of the BBWAA), get well Kirby. Yet again strubk by health issues are far to early an age.

The Ugly. In particular David Riske's and rudy Seanez's lines. This continues Riske's late 2005 decline - hell he was practically sent to Siberia by Eric Wedge. And Seanez was an utter disaster the first time around. If Foulke is still hurting as reported and Riske and Seanez are this year's Embree/Mantei/Jeremei Gonzalez/John Halama/Blaine Neal, the revamped bullpen is not nearly as deep as originally planned. On the bright side, DelCarmen and Meredith pitched well, so even if a few guys (but hopefully not three or four) are ineffective, there is some depth to hopefully step in.


  1. I was thinking exactly the same thing when reading yest. box score. I hope those two can get their act together as we wait for the shots to take hold and become the comfort factor for Foulkie and his knees (plural).

  2. Right, but let's not forget. In spring training guys are working on throwing certain pitches. It is not unusual to see someone throw 10 fastballs "in" in a row trying to hit the same spot, or 10 curves "away", or whatever.

    With that said, Seanez sucked when he was in Boston last time...I know he had a very good year last year, but I don't know about this guy.

    I could see Delcarmen making the pen, and, of course, one of our starters is moving there (if not two). There is a possibility that Arroyo and Papelbon head there, and that is pretty nice.

  3. Little Manny in the pen, almost a certainty this year. And Annoyo traded. A very real possibility.

  4. I can't see the Sox trading Arroyo at this point. He is versatile in terms of starting and relieving, he eats up innings (over 200 last year), and he's pretty cheap.

    If our starting rotation is:

    there is a good possibility that one or two of the top 3 will spend time on the DL. Arroyo is a great replacement, as is Papelbon. Those two guys will be strong in the pen, in the meantime.