Friday, March 03, 2006

Anna Benson Watch, Part ???

I suppose on a day like this we should be discussing the Sox's first two spring training (TM) games - losing to the Twins, 6-3, then beating BC, 10-0 in seven innings (mercy rule?) - or on the WBC Pool A games - Korea blanks Taiwan, thanks to some brilliant pitching by Byung-Hyun Kim and Chan Ho Park (?!?!?!?) - and Japan mercy-rules China, 18-2.

But much more important - and much more likely to get us more traffic via Google - is that Anna Benson has a new interview out. No, it's not the scary Fox News one where you can't tell if the interviewer is turned on more by her looks or by her ultra-right-wing politics. Instead,in this one, she's the interviewer, interviewing her husband Kris for the new FHM. They talk a little about the trade to Baltimore, her attention-whore-iness, their attempts to have careers in different cities...and a lot about sex. Basically, a whole boatload o' issues they're trying to work out. I'm no relationship counselor, but I'm pretty sure conducting an interview in a men's magazine is not the best way to deal with bumps in one's relationship.

That said, it's pretty fascinating stuff. Not fascinating as in "enlightening", but fascinating as in "can't turn your head away from the horror". (Or "the whore". Whatever.) I'm pretty sure no description I provide could possibly do it justice, so here's a typical question:

ANNA: The Doberman would eat his face. When are you going to win a Cy Young?

...and if that question doesn't make you want to read the whole thing, I don't know what will. Well, maybe this will: her followup question includes the words "50 free times up the ass". Plus there are some accompanying photos. Photos of anna benson. Anna benson photos; anna benson pictures; anna benson topless; anna benson nude; anna benson naked. (Welcome Googlers!!!)


  1. Nice work. ah yeah, that marriage is pretty much destined for the divorce courts. At this point, I wonder if Kris thinks to himself "hey, maybe I should cheat on Anna. Aside it from it costing me millions, it would be funny to think about her having to make good on her promise and sleep with this guy or this guy or this guy or this one (unfortunately no picture of Rockin Leo Mazzone was available…..

  2. Don't forget this guy.

    (nice work linking, btw.)

  3. Classic. The lins are a lot of work for me - is there any shortcut in the comments section? I have it save in an email you sent once and then I have to cut and paste the http..... and change the >words<

    Did you see A-Gon left the WBC? This after talking so much about what it meant to play for his country. And it was for personal reasons... Seems a bit odd.

  4. Anna was on Howard Stern's show last week. It might have been Tuesday, and she was so doped up. The O's Doctor made a house call for her cold, and she was funny in a "I feel so sorry she's such an idiot" way. I wrote about it a few days ago over at my place. Maybe you saw it. Ewww, but nice to look at in a silent way.

  5. Damnit, I just wasted twenty minutes reading this. at least I have the Sox on. this part was my favorite:

    ANNA: Plus, you won’t have to pick up the New York Post and flip through to all those photos of me to get to one of you. It makes me feel bad to get so much more attention like that. It doesn’t matter how many awards or rings you win, a baseball wife having opinions and not staying in the background is going to get attention no matter what. I want to see you get the attention you deserve. Do your teammates ever tease you about me?

    "It makes me feel bad to get so much more attention like that."

    Ah yes, she has always appeared so remorseful.

    "It doesn’t matter how many awards or rings you win..."

    Exactly which rings or awards has Kris won?

  6. I think what she means is, "It doesn't matter to me that you haven't won any awards or rings".

    ...the saddest part about that: she's lying.

  7. Earl. I'm a little frightened that you are able to think alng the same lines as Anna Benson.

    Another one that was funny was how they called her the Golddigger in poker because she dug the gold out of ohter players pockets - yeah that's the reason.

    But true enough on the whole award thing - if she didn't care, why would she have asked the question.....

  8. You guys actually read the interview?! I couldn't get past the baseball bikini. In the words of Jim Rome, "Phenomenal"