Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Two days in a row

Is the Herald reading GYS?


  1. I think it's more like: you could do Tony Massarotti's job. Which sounds about right.

  2. Would I have to take pot shots at the Red Sox all the time? At least Maz actually comes up with stuff. Unlike the Globe who write puff player profiles and have even let the CHB do actual reporting in the last week (Sox Notebook).

  3. I was quite surprised to see Francona's quotes on Wells:

    ''He wants to know when he's pitching," Francona said. ''I told him, 'David, as of the 4th of March, you wanted to be traded. Now all of a sudden you want to pitch second [in the rotation]. It's not going to work that way.' If there's not flexibility on his part, we'll bump heads a little bit. We'll get that figured out."

    Very nice.

    For a guy who has pretty much backed every player in every situation in his tenure here? and to do it kind of publicly?

    Of course the real issue here is money. Wells gets (I think) $200 grand each for starts 11-20 and $300 grand for each start past that. So that is the real issue even though neither party will admit it.

  4. watch Francona back off his comments tomorrow...