Saturday, March 25, 2006

Holy Crap, Part III

So this is pretty damn cool. I've been to two games in which Hee Seop Choi was in the lineup, both of which I've mentioned in previous posts:
  • June 12, 2005, Dodger Stadium, Dodgers vs. Twins: Choi hits three home runs in a game.
  • March 12, 2006, LAngelheim Stadium of California, Korea vs. Mexico.
Both times the entire stadium shook with the chant "HEE-SEOP-CHOI!" It's pretty much the perfect name for baseball. (Other than "Stubby Clapp", of course.) Hopefully we'll hear it a lot at Fenway this season. This move is (1) a phenomenal pickup, (2) surprising, in that no one else made it first, and (3) to me, a pretty clear indication that the FO has zero faith that Mike Lowell will return to his 2004 form. HEE-SEOP-CHOI.

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  1. Right on the money. Earl. I hate to even think it, but the Lowell forced move does not look encouraging right now. And Foulkie yesterday...huge news, although he does have to add 3 or 4 MPH on the speedball.