Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Book of Shadows

Game of Shadows will be released tomorrow. You just know Bud Selig is wishing the WBC could have lasted a couple more days; it really helped keep Bonds off the sports pages the last couple weeks. NY Newsday is reporting that there are some damning allegations about Gary Sheffield in there, that he took much more than just the Cream and the Clear. They also say Giambi "gets off relatively easy". It'll be interesting to see who else is named; the NYT Book Review mentions track stars (Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery), but says nothing about them, or even Sheffield - it was probably a mistake to give the review to one of their critics rather than a sports person. Oh well, we'll see what other revelations there are tomorrow. Here's hoping it's only limited to Yankees and Giants.


  1. Looks like the Sheff allegations are serious - testosterone and HGH. Apparently there's a drug schedule, kept by a BALCO trainer, of Sheffield's 'treatments' that's in the hands of the Chronicle reporters who wrote the book.

  2. This is classic. I love that Sheff's approach to this whole thing has been he had no idea what he was taking. You know, my friend told me I could write off my car on my taxes even though I don't use it for work per se.