Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two (or more) Sunday thoughts

1) The Red Sox have hit their mid-summer doldrums about 2 months early this year. Yuck.
2) The Rays seem to have fans this year.


  1. 3) Remember when everyone was worried about Lowell being a giant hole in the lineup? Now everyone's pissed off when he sits?
    4) Wily Mo! Bronson's stuck on 2, but my guess is we won't get any updates from the same people who gave us "Bronson 2, Wily Mo 0"

  2. Earl, I made the same observation yesterday. There were "Ray" fans making their presence felt. I would almost say there were equal numbers at yesterday's game.

    Speaking of which, I was sad that Youk didn't even swing. His head was not in that at bat at all.

    Finally, if the fourth ball bounces in the dirt, say 2 feet in front of the plate, and then hits the batter, is it a hit-by-pitch?