Saturday, April 01, 2006

Predictions- NL and Awards

At Earl's suggestion.....

NL East

ATL - until they are knocked off....
NYM - Only because everyone else is worse (WC)
PHL - Tom Gordon and Ryan Howard dissapoint
WAS - Nothing there
FLA - a no brainer, although look for them to be good early and then fade

Central - considering about the biggest acquistion in the division is Encanarcion for STL, I expect things to be pretty much the same as last year

HOU - Clemens rejoins June 1
MIL - some pretty good pitching and a young Prince
CUBS - Prior and Wood are not that good (if they can't pitch 200 innings)
PIT - good young pitching but not much else
CIN - the fact that Arroyo may be their best pitcher should tell you everything you need to know

West - a crapshoot again

LA - why not. They are practically the Red Sox.
SFG - If Barry plays 120 games they could be number 1.
SD - They will have the other tall pitcher that disappoints this season
AZ - Josh Byrnes has a plan, it just won't be ready this year.
COL - Sam old, same old

MVPs - Pujols, A-rod (unless Ichiro does something crazy like hit .400)
ROY - Prince Fielder, Kenji
CY Young - Santana, Peavy
Manager of they year - Ned Yost, Ken Macha
First manager fired - Hargrove
most likely head explosion (some many good candidates....) - Pedro (I had to venture outside the totally obvious candidates Bonds, Sheff, Guillen, Everett, Bradley)


  1. Damn it. I hate when work gets in the way of my social life. We have a Board meeting this week and I will be unable to slip out and watch the game. Thank heavens for TIVO, but I now need to avoid the internet all day.....

  2. NL East: Atlanta, Phillies, Mets, Washington, Florida

    NL Central: StL, Milwaukee, Houston, Pitt, Cubs, Cinn

    NL West: Giants, Padres, Dodgers, AZ, COL

    MVP: Pujols, Ortiz
    ROY: Johjima, Prince
    CYs: Santana, Oswalt
    MOY: good call on Macha and Yost

    ALDS: BOS def. Tribe, A's def. NY
    NLDS: Atlanta d. Giants, St. Louis d. Philly

    WS: A's over Braves