Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Interesting Blue Jay Facts

So one of the things I plan on doing this year is listening to the radio and TV announcers for every major league team. The beauty of satellite TV and radio, plus my obsession with baseball, should make this a slam dunk. Of course, this ambition may lose some steam in August when the -Rays, Royals and Rockies remain on my list. But for now, I'm ready.

First up - Blue Jay announcers. BJ home opener vs. Minnesota.

The radio announcers (I think Jerry Howarth and Mike Wilner) so far seem pretty decent. Howarth has a little bit of the Scully thing going. They both seem a bit generic in their call. But overall (through 2 innings), they appear solid. Calling it pretty straight, which I would expect for opening day. The color guy is VERY quiet. Of course there is not much to add in this game so far. But you would think on the first game of the season and the first time through the lineups, he would have something to say.

Jays tidbits - I nearly swallowed by tongue when I learned that this was the Blue Jays 30th season. Christ, I'm getting old.

The Jays have the best record in home openers in all of baseball. Something like 22-7. That coupled with Baltimore winning their 6th straight opener last night - made me think "hey wait, they both can't play the Red Sox every year in their opener."

Thsi is the first season ever that they Jays have not had a rookie on their opening day roster.

Apparently Kelly Gruber is one of the most beloved Blue Jays of all time. My personal favorite was John Cerrutti.

No Blue Jay has ever hit for the cycle.

Dave Steib is the winningest pitcher in club history (175 wins). That seems like a lot for a team that has been around for only 30 years. For perspective, SEA has Moyer at 139.


  1. Bengie Molina might be the best value singing of the offseason.

    And Overbay apparently is having trouble with his glove.

  2. Wow. 4-0 Texas. Damnit. I never should have said I did not like Wake in this game.

    Earl - tell me to be quiet.

  3. nice...one inning of catching and Bard with 2 passed balls.

    This means one of two things. Bard can't catch Wake...or...Wake's knuckler is all over the place.

    Taking into consideration two HRs and a ground rule double...I'll say that Bard can't catch Wake is the safe call...

  4. Also...Gonzales gets two hits yesterday and Cora gets the start today...

    Also, Cora hits into double play...

  5. I didn't see all the game, but Gonzalez made a really boneheaded play yesterday, right?

  6. Yeah, he misjudged a flyball hit to center and got doubled off of second.

    I don't think that he is being punished, though. It wasn't something for which he is known (he didn't forget how many outs there were, etc...).

    I would just rather see them get into a rhythm before they go shuffling the lineup around too much.

  7. Yeah, I agree.

    Wow, this game sucks. It's early still, but...

  8. Crap...Wake strikes out Mench, and Bard with another passed ball. Inning still going..would have been third out.

  9. Yeah... Strikes out swinging but still gets to first!

    Per Gonzales, I think he also slipped a little. He shouldn't have been that far off the bag.

  10. If I am Texas, I don't pitch to Lowell here. I walk him and face Cora...

  11. Which is why I don't coach a MLB team.

  12. Hey, this is a Toronto BJs thread!!!!

    The announcer just came up with theis beauty:

    "Shea Hillenbrand has always been a great early season hitter."

    Now there is an understatement.

  13. And that is it for Wake. Nevin owned him tonight. 6-0...Yikes!

  14. I can accept Wake having a stinker. He is either on or off. What really pisses me off is Riske - this guy sucked last year and so far had continued to suck this year. I can't see the faithful giving this guy much slack. He may be DFA's by the end of April.