Monday, April 10, 2006


So David Ortiz is in Boston through 2010, possibly 2011. Which is awesome. But the press conference itself was unusual in that it was so much fun to watch. Obviously it's always a joy to hear Ortiz talk. But it speaks volumes that Theo can sit right next to him and tell a bunch of reporters that the Sox front office and players generally don't agree on a player's value. And the best part was when John Henry interjected after Lucchino was done answering a question (about their desire to sign Ortiz) and said something to the effect of (I'm paraphrasing; no transcript yet):
Near the beginning of the negotiations, David and his people made it abundantly clear how strongly he felt about the team, and the city of Boston, and the fans, and that he really wanted to stay. That was something...well, something we'd never experienced before. And it really helped both sides get focused on getting the deal done.
That was nothing short of a slam on Pedro and Damon. Pretty shrewd.


  1. Sweet.

    and since everything always gets analyzed about a gazillion times over. and over.

    Is that also a subtle dig at Tek? I mean Tek did have Boras play the game for a while, and while we never really sensed he would actually leave, he did not re-sign until mid/late December.

  2. Very good point. I guess more than anything he was shielding them from the perception that some people have, that they don't care at all about keeping guys, and don't try very hard. He turns this around, blaming the players and the agents for it.

  3. Something they'd never experienced before? So they've forgotten about Bronson?

  4. Another good point on Bronson, although he had no leverage.

    So the Sox pay $13 MM per year to Papi after having gotten him for bargain basement prices for the past 3+ years.

    What do the Yanks pay each of their OFs and DHs and where have they finished in the MVP voting. And how many of them have won rings? Oh wait, Damon won a ring once. And Sheff has a couple. And matsui has a few. Just non have been in pinstripes.