Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thank goodness!

I would not want to head into the offday on the heals of a four game losing streak.

Question for Monday - Keith Foulke. After two very strong appearances this weekend. Is he back? Discuss.


  1. And talk about a tough loss for him to have gotten on Friday. run Expectancy says the Jays had about a 12 percent chance of scoring a runner from first with two outs. So thank you Rudy Saenez. Glad to see you have picked up right where you left off in boston '03.

    And I have to admit (so far) Foulkie has handled his "role" pretty well. There were a few things in today's paper where he's talking about salaries and next year and I have bashed him on it before, but then again we always get pissed at players who say "its not about the money..." Of course those comments are always right after they just took the highest deal.

  2. Hard to say about Foulke. He's looking really good, but I'm worried - if he's in as much physical trouble as he says he is, it seems to me he shouldn't be out there pitching multiple innings in more than one game per series.

    That was a nice game. Clement was shaky, but easily pitched well enough to keep them in the game. Unlike in Wake's starts, they actually took advantage and did something with it.

  3. File this under unbelievable.

    One of my buddies in NY today went to the Yankee game (free tix, corporate box, not really a Yankee fan), but when Giambi hit his second HR, I kid you not, they played the theme from the Natural.

  4. What will be next, the Giants fans breaking out in "For he's a Jolly good fella" the next time Bonds hits a HR?

  5. Comforting stat of the day:

    "Tanyon Sturtze, is the owner of the worst career ERA (5.19) among active pitchers with at least 750 innings."

    Ladies and Gentlemen - I present the MFY primary set up man.

  6. Tough question...he says his knees are starting to hurt somewhat, but then the next day he said it will not affect his pitching. If they don't worsen, and his control and confidence remain where they are, near '04 levels, he could do anything, although we need 2 set-up guys who we can trust. Right now, we have Timlin and Foulke and no one else for the 7th, 8th inning spots, which are just as important as Paps' role as closer.

  7. Well, we know that Van Buren is not the answer...That's for sure.

    Unfortunately, Foulke is being compared to Papelbon right now...That's not right.

    Foulke, at his current rate of pitching, would be a closer of many teams. We just happen to have Papelbon.

    I say, while we have the chance, to let Delcarmen audition for a setup role. If he's good, it is time to stretch out Papelbon for that rotation spot and to move Foulke back to his closer spot.

    I'd rather have Papelbon get used to starting as he is NOT the closer of the future for the Sox (that would be Hansen).