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  1. And I know it makes no sense - just wanted something out there.

  2. Swashbuckler or swami?

  3. Holy crap - kevin mench has another HR. 7 games in a row!! I think I'm going to get shoe size checked tomorrow. Just in case.

    And is it just me or is the NFL draft tomorrow receiving way, eay too much coverage and hype. perhaps it has always been this way but I really am hoping I am just noticing it now b/c I spend far more time watchin ESPN and on the computer now that I am a dad (i.e., a bit more couped up).

  4. D'Artagnan or D'Brickashaw?

  5. "Lord, I have a problem!"
    "What's the problem, Eve?"
    "Lord, I know you've created me and have provided this beautiful garden and all of these wonderful animals and that hilarious comedy snake, but I'm just not happy."
    "Why is that, Eve?" came the reply from above.
    "Lord, I am lonely. And I'm sick to death of apples." "Well, Eve, in that case, I have a solution. I shall create a man for you."
    "What's a 'man,' Lord?"
    "This man will be a flawed creature, with aggressive tendencies, an enormous ego and an inability to empathize or listen to you properly, he'll basically give you a hard time. He'll be bigger, faster, and more muscular than you. He'll be really good at fighting and kicking a ball about and hunting fleet-footed ruminants, But, he'll be pretty good in the sack."
    "I can put up with that," says Eve, with an ironically raised eyebrow.
    "Yeah well, he's better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick. But, there is one condition."
    "What's that, Lord?"
    "You'll have to let him believe that I made him first."
    :D :D :D

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  10. Nicolette's mind began to clam. She breathed deeply and it did seem to help. Martin's hands were magic. He soothed her with his gentle caresses. She could feel him gently tugging at her robe and she shifted slightly to release it from beneath her. She was naked. Her perfect breasts rested firm and high on her chest. Her flat belly smooth and relaxed and the bare mound of her pussy was exposed completely for him. Martin dipped his head and pressed his warm mouth to her throat. He moved over the sensitive skin there and began to suck and pull at her neck while his hands roamed her body. She could feel the warmth spreading inside her.

  11. Then suddenly she pulls her fingers out and tells me to stop a moment. I do so. She turns around and grabs a toy. What I see next is utterly weird. It's a double dildo with straps to strap around the waists.

    She inserts one dildo end into me and straps the straps around my waist. Then she tells me to lay down. I oblige. She sits on the other which moves mine further in. I gasp loudly. She smiles.

    After strapping herself she says, "The chick at the store says her and her girlfriend have one and they love it. So I got this one for us. What do you think?"

    I said, "I dunno. We have used it, cowboy."

  12. Monica stood, straddled my legs with her back to me, took hold of my cock and lowered herself. She was so wet, it slid in with ease. We just sat there for a few minutes, not moving. Watching. My hands were on her breasts, her nipples between my fingers. Her hands were stroking my thighs. She slowly began to grind her hips on my cock. I let her set the pace. Up and down. In and out Her hands went to her breasts, squeezing, pulling, tugging. She laid her head back on me as she loved her breasts. My hands went to her hips as she rode my cock. I looked at Catherine and saw her looking at us. Lustful sounds filled the room.

  13. With my fingers held all the way into her, slightly curling and uncurling, I reached up and released the loops holding each of her hands. "Put your hands between your legs, Carrie. Make yourself cum."

    As she worked her fingers into her abused cunt, my fingers pumped in time with hers. I pulled out, replacing my two fingers with the vibrator. It was larger but well oiled and before I could slap her ass again and order her to relax, Carrie let the vibrator slip into her ass. I loved watching her asshole stretch around the vibrator. I wanted to make her squirm. "Good Carrie, you are opening up. You're almost as wide as the vibrator can make you. When your ass is a little more open, I'm going to take your anal cherry. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I'm going to take you. Just like in your fantasy, you are going to be raped." Her body wiggled and pushed against the vibrator. I could hear her groan as it hurt her to stretch her asshole wider.

  14. I didn't say anything but instead moved from my chair onto my knees and went to her. I moved my face down to her glorious bush and stroked my fingers through her hair on one side while I put my mouth on the fur on the other. Simultaneously I ran my fingers and tongue through her hairs. She changed positions and I moved to allow her to open her knees. She sank deeper into the couch and opened her thighs and I moved my head between her legs. The G was like a white cloth Y that couldn't cover her curly brown muff.

    Using my tongue I followed the white line down, starting from the top -- sucking the hairs and her outer pussy as I went down. I worked my tongue under the cloth so I was licking her labia lips, which was the only thing that was covered by the G-string. I did one side, then moved back up and started on the other. With my hand I ran my fingers along where my tongue had just been, through the sticky hairs. This time I worked all the way down to her ass.

  15. Pausing at the doorway, eyes closed, feeling the warmth over my bare skin, a gentle breeze. The scent of coconut draws my attention. Lifting my lids, looking down to gaze upon her loveliness, stretched out on a long lounge chair. Her back is exposed, her head turned to one side. Basking, the sunlight just adding to her radiance. She wears only a light coat on sun tan lotion.

    I feel a stirring deep with in, as my manhood starts to press against the towel. No matter how many times I see her, or touch her, it is as exciting as the first time.

    " Morning Baby" walking over to where she lays. Standing at her feet, taking a moment to look over her body. Getting more aroused, I have to sit, lest the tautness unties the cloth.

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  17. "So this is it Helen, two hard horny studs are going to fuck you every way they can, I bet you have been dreaming of this all your life haven't you? I bet you spent all last night with your fingers in your sticky pussy thinking about this, and I bet I know where you want Toni's big cock don't I? Tell me where you want it Helen; tell me where you want to be fucked"

    She was groaning as Tony sucked and pulled at her nipples, her head was bent back and twisted in ecstasy as she gasped "In my arse, I want it in my arse, please fuck my arse!"

    Now Tony didn't know about her preference, I hadn't told him and his head snapped upright as he looked into her eyes.

    "You little slut!!!"

    "Marco lets get her on the bed and get started before my cock explodes."

  18. Tiffany erupted out of her sleeping bag and lay on her back, her short red hair was a sharp contrast to the dull-colored carpet. She was already completely naked. "Please, me next." she moaned. Melissa knelt down between her thighs and admired her pussy.

    "Yours is a lighter shade of pink than mine." Melissa said, spreading Tiffany open. "And you have such a big clit! It's so hard..." She said as she rubbed it slowly. "Well it's normal, I guess, but it's a lot bigger than mine and it's so hard. I love your clit!" She exclaimed, giving it a little squeeze. Tiffany sat up and let out a little cry. "Well, it seems you've already gone and gotten yourself all wet, so I guess I'll use it on you now." Melissa said as she started to work the vibrator into Tiffany's flooded hole.

  19. From the sounds he was making I knew he was about to have an orgasm. I was frightened, but very excited, and conflicted about wanting to watch it shoot and wanting to taste it. Suddenly, he solved my dilemma by jerking a little too much and as his first shot spewed out he slipped from my mouth. It shot almost a foot in the air, straight up, and landed right down on my hand holding his cock. At that moment I came. Hard.

    He wasn't even touching me (well, he did have one hand on my shoulder), but I had the largest orgasm I'd ever had since I began masturbating a few years earlier. (Look, ma, no hands!) It amazed me: there was so much happening. He was shooting, moaning, thrusting. I thought I was going to pass out from my large orgasm that occurred just by watching his cock shoot cum.

  20. At one point, a friend of hers, named Li, was living in the spare bedroom until she found a place to live. Li was tiny, but real pretty. I'd pounded off more than once thinking about getting a piece of her ass. One night, Uni came home about 2 in the morning, drunk off her ass, so drunk, in fact, she couldn't get up the stairs. Li, who was pretty toasted herself, came upstairs and told me that I had to go get Uni. When I got back upstairs with Uni, Li had passed out on the floor. I put Uni to bed, then put Li in her bed in the spare bedroom. Then I went into the main bedroom, stripped, and crawled into bed with Uni. Uni was sprawled out, still dressed, so I took her clothes off for her. She was laying on her belly, legs slightly spread, with her beautiful little rump sticking up into the air.

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  22. John led me to the bed and began kissing me. As he kissed me he unbuttoned my blouse. I didn't resist. I wanted to have sex with him. I wanted to experience some of what I had seen in the pictures and what I had read about in stories. John soon had my blouse off and my bra unhooked. When he put my nipple in his mouth it was the first time anyone had done that to me and it felt wonderful. Everything John did to me, every sensation was new to me so I just gave myself over to the experience. I did whatever John told me to do and moved whatever way he wanted me to move.

    I was so horny that it felt like he was lighting little fires on my body anywhere he touched me. When he ran his tongue over my pussy lips I started to orgasm. I had brought myself off masturbating before, but it was never this good.

  23. The following Tuesday I went back o the hairdresser. This time I as brazenly dressed in a pair of shorts and a sleeveless top, which left very little to be imagined. She was sitting in the chair as I sneaked up to the sofa, which was not directly behind her. At first she didn't notice me so I spread my legs out and raised my arms and closed my eyes as I stretched out with my arms tucked in behind my head showing the long bushy hair in my luxuriant armpits. With my legs spread out and having worn no panties my pubic mound with the massive muff on it could be easily seen and when I opened my eyes I could see that Sonia eyes were peeled at my hirsute body. Her eyes were fixed on the wild untamed jet-black hair of my bushy armpits and even though I was staring at her she didn't seem to notice. She even licked her lips as she surveyed my hairy body. Was this my moment. I moved from the sofa as if I was contemplating leaving, Sonia called out to me – "Bela what a surprise why don't you come home with me today I am having a small party and a very nice couple are coming over for drinks" Her eyes shifted to my underarms though clamped down still showed a sizeable amount of hair bristling out of the sides. I seized the moment and said "Sure, I had come for a facial but it can wait another day; Lets go"

  24. I never heard the bell ring but whoever it was had a key. As I turned to get a drink refill I saw Melissa, Jamie and James walking toward me. Jamie had on the same see-thru robe, Melissa had on a short silky thing and, based on the jiggle, little else. James was hanging out. As he rounded the couch I heard the girls all gasp and Marie giggle.

    "See" Marie said, "I told you it was big!" James was going to be a big hit for the girls who quickly crowded around him and started fondling his dick and balls. He had this enormous grin on.

    Jamie went over to Mike who was already sprouting a modest hard-on and cozied up to him purring something about what a nice tan he had. She led him away into one of the bedrooms and Annette, his VPA was right behind holding Jamie's hand. Looked like a threesome was in the making. Not two minutes later we heard them having some fun. Jamie and Annette were both being pretty loud so I went over to see what was going on.

  25. Katherine felt the desire in her body soar as Rita's fingers delved into her slippery pussy. She fell against the side of the shower stall, gasping for breath as Rita's fingers worked their magic inside her. Her body responded to each thrust, pushing against her long fingers as if they were a cock sliding in and out of her love box. She felt Rita's lips move from her lips to the tender skin of her slender neck, moving up and down, kissing ... licking ... sucking. She closed her eyes, pressing her body harder against the side of the stall, feeling the sweet sensations grow stronger as this woman played her body like a fine musical instrument. When she felt Rita's lips move onto her shoulder and then downward, she waited with lustful anticipation for her lips to suck on her nipples. Groaning louder than what she probably should have, Katherine's hands grabbed Rita's soaking wet hair and pulled her lips hard against extended and sensitive nipples.

  26. "I'm going to take you now," I announced.

    A quick reversal, and I was on top of her. "You are so hairy," I said. "You know you want me to fuck you."

    She tried to resist, locking her hairy legs. I grasped her ankles, taking a moment once again to run my fingers through the coarse hair covering her calves, and pried her legs apart. Her hole was wide open, ready for me to enter her. Her fully erect clit twitched like a pink wand. The long hair surrounding her hole was fragrant with her juices.

    She tried to push me away. I grasped her hairy arms by the wrists and pinned them over her head on the bed as I rammed my cock into her to the hilt. "Oh baby, you are so big," she gasped as I entered her. I could feel her moist forest of hair grinding up against mine. The bristly hair of her thighs rubbed against mine as well. I was pumping into her hard, with piston-like thrusts, and she was humping up to meet me each time.

  27. "Goddamn boys; Do ya' think she's willing!" Becky heard Todd jeering.

    Becky knew that Todd was usually less than a gentleman when it came to women, and that's probably why she had never screwed him. But now his barbarous comments only served to fuel the fires of depravity that were burning within her. She was aware that she was about to be descended upon, and she was never more ready. "That's right boys, I am," she purred.

    As Derek began stroking in and out of her hot love tunnel, Becky lowered her upper body so that she was now laying flat on her back. Immediately hands were on her boobs, squeezing and pulling at them. On each side, she could feel hands belonging to at least two different men on each breast. One hand would be massaging the melon and another tweaking the nipple.

  28. Both Suzette and Vinnie worked Chad over and then the fun moved into the bedroom. Remember, this was Suzette's day not Vinnie's and therefore Suzette is the one who gets the man's cock. True friends and Banger Sisters do this for the other. Chad and Suzette are giving each other so much pleasure, while Vinnie captures all the action via digital photography. That doesn't mean that Vinnie didn't assist; she ensured the man's balls were squeezed and sucked throughout the fun. Suzette worked him over good; first 69ing him, then riding him, and finally finishing up with a little style.

  29. "I think you need more that 'office' assistance from me"

    "You do, do you?" she stopped in front of my knees. Shoulders square to me, feet apart so her legs made a strong A up to that perfect waist. I was reclined slightly, my knees apart. Open body language.

    "Yes. You've been stressed lately." She spoke softly, directly. Her hands came to my knees and we locked eyes. "I know you're not dating anyone. So I think you need a release." Her voice had lowered to a whisper, her mouth was inches from my ear.

    "Is that right?" My hand reached to her waist, thumb in front, fingers behind, grasping her hip. I guided here into my lap, her weight on my left leg. She leaned back slightly and raised her right knee to her chest. The boot's heal between my legs on the chair, she stroked from her toes up her calf. Her skirt fell back towards her pelvis bone.

  30. Mike's hand moves to my breast, taking the areola between his thumb and forefinger, gently squeezing as his fingers slide slowly up to my nipple. He kisses me softly before moving his mouth slowly to my breast. I inhale sharply as the warmth of his lips envelop my nipple, softly sucking it into his mouth. Running my fingers through his hair, I watch his mouth move over my breast. Squeezing my inner muscles tight, giving myself to him, I feel another quake erupting between my thighs.

    Slowly laying myself back on the sofa, Mike positions himself over me. His mouth meeting mine as we kiss, an almost desperation tearing through me as I feel the firmness of his bulge pressing against my mound. Kissing my mouth tenderly, he slides his lips across my cheek.

  31. I was squatting on the chair with my skirt covering my knees, but my hands were resting on my crotch. I felt very uncomfortable with Maddie standing in front of the entrance to my cubicle in a black turtle neck and a pair of tight blue jeans with knee high boots. Maddie's department was allowed to dress down on Fridays, but that is the least of my problems now. She finally walk toward me and offer her hand to help me off the chair. I stood in front of her and tried to adjust my skirt. She moved my hand aside, and loosen the button and zipper. As my skirt hit the floor, she whispered into my ear "my husband went visiting his family in Pittsburgh - I want to play with you".

  32. She didn't want to stop, though, he felt too good, and she pushed back, enveloping him into her warm, wet tunnel, her pussy muscles clenching at his hardness. He pushed then, once, twice, three times and he was completely inside her, his balls slapping against her flesh. He stopped, to let her adjust and feel the fullness his cock gave her, then began to thrust slowly into her warm cunt. She felt her whole body rock with each thrust, and concentrated on the sensations spreading through her. As he fucked her slowly, Jareth reached around and stroked her clit, and she spasmed uncontrollably, bucking backwards into his thrusts. The feeling was almost too much; she was too exposed, too sensitive.

  33. Then he quickly thrust forward, deep into my pussy. A month ago I would have been screaming in pain with a cock this big. Now, thanks to all of my practice with Matt, it was heaven.

    He slid in and out of me with long, slow strokes while he worked his entire cock deep into me. It felt so hot, so tight, so deep, it was almost like I could tell when he reached virgin territory. I'd never felt so full and so satiated before.

    After a few minutes he worked his pace up so that he was slamming in and out of me. I couldn't control myself and started screaming at the top of my lungs. My body was shaking and my pussy walls tightening and contracting around his cock as I reached my first orgasm.

  34. After a time I pulled out of Claire and positioned myself behind Vickey I could see the juices dripping out of her cunt and gently slid my penis in, Claire moved underneath us and started licking Vickey's clit and my penis as I slid in and out of Vickey. Soon after I came firing my cum deep into Vickey's cunt as I withdrew Claire eagerly licked my penis clean.

    Then Claire repositioned her mouth at Vickey's pussy lapping at her clit with my cum dribbling down her chin and neck it wasn't long before Vickey orgasmed her legs buckled and she collapsed on top of Claire.

    After a short period of recovery we all straightened up and as the girls left I told them that they were to report for further punishment next Wednesday afternoon.

  35. He then removed her T-shirt and her front-open black bra. Affidha Affindi’s big boobs sprang free.

    “Affidha I love these, they are so perfect and ripe” Norman said cupping her right breast in his hand.

    Affidha Affindi like most of the Singapore Malay women had perfect breasts. They were big and full and tight. The nipples were thick and dark brown in color with big areolas. Norman took one of her thick nipple in his mouth and sucked on it as stripping a mango stone. He held her nipple between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. Affidha Affindi twisted body and pressed his head on her breast. Norman could feel that her tits were bulging in his mouth. He sucked harder and licked leaving an inch unexplored. He buried his face between her big boobs and enjoyed its warmth and her natural scent. Slowly he licked his way down to her soft belly.

    Affidha Affindi had a perfect round navel. Norman kissed her soft belly and bit her luscious broad hip. Affidha Affindi hissed loudly at the sudden pleasure bursting through her body. She felt that she would reach her orgasm soon if Norman would continue with his for play. He licked around her belly button and pushed in his tongue and tickled her. He kissed her belly hard and massaged her hips gently with both his hands. Norman pulled down Affidha Affindi’s trousers leaving her with her black cotton panties.

  36. Her Laughing interrupted his apology.

    "You sucker!" Zanna giggled devilishly.

    "Oh, ok, you wanna play games, I see" he said smiling, still buried deep inside of her. He stared into her eyes; she stared back and cradled his face in her hands.

    "Be gentle darlin, I like it better that way.". She began to rock her hips, slowly at first, never breaking eye contact. Tyler matched her movements. After a few minutes they were both panting, their bodies slapping together, Tyler pinned her down against the bed; she clamped her legs around his waist as they both began to come. Zanna's body pulsed around Tyler's, his breath was sharp and ragged as he bucked his hips uncontrollably.

    "Zan...aaaaaa" he sighed, just before collapsing on top of her. He rested his head against her, trying to catch his breath. Zanna stroked his back with her fingertips.

  37. "You're going to love it," he said, crawling up on the bed with her, letting his throbbing ten inches of male meat swing freely, tight against his body. "I know you wanted it last night, and I wanted this," he said, cupping his huge hand tightly over my wife's sopping wet box, smiling as he heard her gasp.

    "You're ready, aren't you?" he asked, guiding the throbbing purplish head of his cock to the point tiny bubbles of lubrication showed him the entrance to her cunt. He was far too big for her, he realized, but he hoped that the slow insertion would stretch her to the point she could accommodate his entire cock. He used his fingers to separate the coral colored lips, without breaking eye contact with her. Her eyes were tightly shut. She moaned as he pressed it slightly forward until it entered her antechamber, just short of the muscular guard that protected her vagina.

  38. It slipped up from her ass to her clit and the second it touched that pearl of pleasurable flesh, time stood still for Chloe.

    Pausing just long enough to savor the tease, Chloe pressed his plum sized cock head into her widening pussy. Deliberately, Chloe was entered by Kevin, in a slow excruciating pace. And just as quickly Kevin retreated from Chloe’s pussy. Deeper and deeper she took him, more than any other man she’d fantasized of having. Successive strokes went slowly, her body taking an inch more at a time.

    Ecstasy wasn’t the word to explain what Chloe felt at the moment when he entered her. It was pain, it was pleasure, it was bliss, it was fullness inside her. Chloe’s body shuttered with each of Kevin’s careful strokes. Even though she rode him, he dictated the pace with his size, strength and skill.

  39. "You didn't even try to object when I kissed you. I think you've wanted me just as long as I've wanted you."

    "I don't know what you're talking about."

    She plunged another finger into my pussy.

    "Ohh, ahh. Ok, ok...I've wanted you. I've wanted to spread my legs for you since our first day here."

    "Mmm, that's sexy." She pushed me back so that I was laying down on the bed and then laid on top of me. Her fingers were still buried knuckle deep inside of me. "Somebody's a nasty little lesbian. I bet all those times you were playing with yourself with my toys you were thinking about me. Thinking about how the same dildo was inside my juicy cunt, bringing me to orgasm over and over again, dripping with my cum. You were thinking about that, weren't you?"

    Damn she was good!

  40. But it wasn't just the dress that was breathtaking. Around each wrist, Roshni wore a gold cuff, and around her right upper arm was a coiled gold bangle. There was a gold chain around her neck, matching her gold earrings. Her hair was braided and tied in a swirl. It was the first time I had seen her wearing make-up, too - her eyes were glittering black, her thick and heavy eyebrows made even blacker, her lashes thick and dark.

    "You look incredible," I told her, as we walked to the taxi.

    "Thank you," she beamed. The night was cold enough for there to be vapour on her breath; those sexy bare shoulders and arms were rough with goosebumps in the winter air; but Roshni would always put practicality ahead of comfort. A jacket would only cramp her style, so she chose to go without.

  41. I weigh my options: roll over and dream of you fucking me (again) or fantasize about you fucking me while I massage my clit until I come.

    The stress and the depression have been tightening up my back and my stomach and I swear to God...even my skull feels like it's shrinking around my brain. Everything has been waiting for release. And I know, as I pull my shirt over my head and feel the cool air tease my nipples, that this will not be as good as the real thing.

    But it will be pretty damn close.

  42. "My ex husband never got to fuck my ass." She panted, eyes still locked on his.

    "He just wanted me to suck his cock. Anywhere, anytime. And I'd do it." She continued. "I love to suck cock!" "But" she said looking down admiringly at his massive organ "I never ever sucked one as big, hard, thick and wild as this one." she said motioning to her fist still clenched around his huge, pulsing dickmeat.

    "That's what I call a monster cock!!" she said, appearing mesmerized by his pulsing shining red cock. "I've had big cocks, even big black cocks but never one like this..."

    She now pumped his shaft harder and faster.

    "When we were younger Ben always wanted me to fuck other men, you know. And I did, ...and he got me to tell him all about describe their cocks in every little detail. Did I suck them off? That was always his first question and I know by the way he asked it...all in a hushed tone and panting, like he was nervous and short of breath... that it was very important that he know that. That's what really turned him on; cocksucking...especially me, his sweet wife, sucking and licking some other man's big wet cockmeat. He always wanted to know every little big was it...was it really hard...did he cum lots...did I swallow?"

  43. The next image was of Laura, in the bustier, but now with a garter belt, black thigh highs and black heels. She was in dimmer light standing near the foot of a big canopy bed.

    The caption read. "And what would you like me to do Big Boy". Kevin's heart skipped a beat as he read the boxes under the caption.

    "Jack you off. Suck your cock. Fuck you with my ass. Fuck you with my cunt."

    Kevin hesitated.

    "Well....pick one." She murmured seductively.

    Kevin was torn between having her suck him off...he'd fantasized over it all week. Or, could he pass up the opportunity to fuck her.

    Before Kevin could decide, Laura undid another button on the blazer and pushed her chair back and stood up. "I better close the door." She said walking over and gently closing the heavy office door. She came back over to the computer and spun the chair around.

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