Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Clevelands Announcers

Following up from an earlier post where I had vowed to listen to and watch each announcer....

With the sox in Cleveland, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up with the Tribe. Radio Announcers - Tom Hamilton and Mike Hegan.

Yesterday's game I observed that these guys are complete homers. Not in the Uecker-esque manner, but their excitement for when good things happen for the tribe. Screaming and yelling, but when Ortiz hit his homer yesterday - very monotonous call.


  1. Apparently the hate for Wily Mo exists even in Cleveland. In the top of the second they went on and on about how the sox made a "baffling" trade. There was a comment along the lines of "theo is one of the bright young GMs in the game, but he must know something that I don't to trade a good young pithcer for a player like WMP." And further... he said his sources with the reds said that they didn't think they could get anything for Pena, let along a pitcher who not only is a good pitcher but also can hit the ball. Jeez.

  2. And one of these guys nearly had a stroke, TWICE. with Casey Blake hitting two consecutive foul ball HRs.

    If you have mlb audio, its worth checking out - these are pretty enthusiastic calls.

  3. now they are showing their ignorance:

    when the Sox acquired WMP it was because they wanted him to play first, but the way Youk has played first and hit, they had no choice but to keep youk and platoon WMP with Nixon. Yikes.

  4. David Ortiz K'ing with the bases loaded, ending the inning. Too bad. Funny how we were all practically expecting something huge.

    I was actually pretty happy with the Indians tv guys (yesterday on

  5. were you listening to them call the Ortiz he K?

    The pxp guy screamed - HE STRUCK HIM OUT.

  6. Now they are referring to WMP as "The Dangerous Wily Mo Pena"