Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Week in Cleveland

If you look at the matchups in this series, you can feel pretty good about the Sox coming out of the Jake taking at least 2 of 3.

Game 1
Schill v Westbrook...Schill is on fire, and after dropping 2 of 3 to Toronto, I know Schill goes into this one looking to become 5-0 on the season, but MORE importantly looking to continue to pace the Sox. Westbrook, while talented, has been struggling a bit this season (2-2 5.93 ERA). While he may pitch well this time out, I don't look for him to out-pitch Schill in the opener.

Game 2
Wakefield v Lee...Wakefield has pitched well enough to be 3-1, but a lack of run support sets him up with the opposite record. The potent Indians lineup will be looking to tee off on any knuckler that doesn't knuckle. Look for Wake to keep them off-balance by mixing in the curve and fastball. Lee, however, goes for the Indians. He's been as close as they get to a staff ace. And being a talented lefty this spells trouble for the Sox.

Game 3
Beckett will come out on fire in the closing game of this series. He must harness that aggression and pound the strike zone. As we've seen Beckett's emotions can get the best of him early on. You don't want to fall behind the hitters in this lineup. The Indians counter with Paul Byrd. After a stellar season last year, Byrd is off to nothing less than a poor start. He enters this game at 2-2 with a 9-plus ERA. If he's not sharp, the Sox cruise.


  1. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head, the Sox need to pitch smart. The Indians can swing the bat . Their guys aren't lights out on the mound, but the are scoring lots of runs. I would be thrilled to walk out of the Jake taking 2.

  2. I just heard on the Htfd. Sox station that the clemens to Yanks thing is just about a done deal. More at my blog, which is linked here, guys. Holy crap!

  3. No way. Clemens is coming to Boston. Brockton, to be exact.

    BTW, nice post GR - reminds me of your emails to IBID and I during our brookline days.

  4. You kid while I shudder. I read the Globe piece, but the report I heard seemed so locked in it's veracity. Until something official, I know, but man, I never thought he'd go to the Yanks with what he could accomplish here in Boston, or just playing out of his house in very successful so far houston.

  5. I thought Clemens wanted to go to a winner? The Yankees are basically a .500 team.

  6. Come on...we are 19-20 games into the season...The Yankees started 11-19 last year and won (tied) the division. They will win a lot of games, and with him would be very good. It is nice, anonymous, to say that the Yankees are a .500 team, but they'll be way over .500 by the time this season ends.

    He would also be the #1 starter in NY. Here he'd be 2 or 3...Maybe he doesn't like the Schilling/Beckett competition. He is an egomaniac after all...I could see Clemens making that choice.

    With that said, Houston is looking pretty good so far, too. Add him and they are the odds-on favorite for that division.

  7. I am not sure what I've posted before about Clemens so if I contradict myself, I'll just say I recently came to the realization that Clemens has ZERO interest in returning to Boston. The only reason he's entertaining it is to drive up his price.

    Yea sure he started his career here but then was booed out of town. He then went on to be EVEN MORE successful at Toronto and MFY. Why would he look back at his career and think, "yea I started with them and even though they didn't appreciate me enough to keep me, hell I'll give them a second chance"?

    We're fooling ourselves to think he'd come to the Sox.

    PS - I like "IBID" that's awesome

  8. Listen. Clemens is a WHORE. I agree with Dino that he is using us to drive up the price, but if that price ends up highest at the end of the day (after factoring in travel and taxes), he will wear a Sox Uniform. Do I think it will happen? No. But I can't rule it out. And while Peter has his reliable source and Buster Olney reports that the Yanks are prepared to unload the Brinks truck, until I see a press conference with Clemens holding up a uni, everything is just speculation. The one thing I will say - he is DEFINITELY coming back this year.

    Back to the CLE series. I agree the matchups look good. And the way, Schill has pitched it shouldn't matter, but Westbrook's numbers are terrible based on one outing. And that outing was not his fault, it was Eric' Wedge's fault. CLE was winning that game by a large margin and Wedge left him out there when he started to struggle in the 5th, hoping to get him through and qualify for the win. Sure a starter who can't get through five is worrisome and his outing against DET was not good but he still has a lot of potential.

    And of course all this analysis is good and plenty assuming Tito does not decide to roll out the B squad.

  9. Tonight's Lineup...
    CF Stern
    SS Cora
    DH Al Nipper
    LF Mohr
    C Bard
    RF Harris
    1b Snow
    2b Pedroia (we sent down Loretta)
    3b Pena

  10. Not bad. But those guys are going to need some rest soon. So:

    CF Sadler
    SS Reese
    2B Offerman
    3B Sprague
    C Orsillo
    1B Wally
    RF Little Wally
    LF That trainer-guy who used to be Nomo's interpreter
    DH Kelly the Ballgirl

  11. I heard Little Wally will be in the outfield tonight. That could make the difference!

  12. But I've heard a lot of things today, so take it with a grain of salt. Or pepper.

  13. Not a strong start, lets hope they get this game turned around.

  14. so all the talk was how they went from slugging to pitching and defense. I guess they forgot to consider baserunning in that equation....

  15. Juan Encanarcion is a single away from the cycle. and its only the fifth inning.

  16. Hey, walk Ortiz and pitch to Manny with the game on the line.
    Worked for TB. Not.

  17. Worked for CLE as well....

  18. So, is this the new Cunning Plan? Make sure 1st base is free for Ortiz, to dare them to walk him and pitch to Manny?

  19. God I hate Aaron Boone.

  20. Yeah but if Boone does not blow his knee out, A-Rod might be a Red Sox now. Seriously.

  21. And somewhere matt's head is exploding as timlin is brought in again mid-inning.

  22. And that must have been a typo. don't you mean Aaron F Boone.

  23. So if Boone does not blow his knee out (put ourselves in the alternate reality machine for a minute), would:

    a) the Sox and Rangers made the Manny and Lester for A-Rod swap.

    b) the Sox still have won the 04 Series (BP, in the How the sox got smart .... book had a piece that said it would be absurd to think the Sox would have been worse off with A-Rod)

  24. Man, I forgot Lester was part of that. I barely had heard of the guy back then.

    I love how Nomar-Magglio was the other big part of that deal. Who'd have thought back then that both players' possible-HOF trajectories were about to hit some sudden walls?