Thursday, April 06, 2006

Earl on Bonds

So my friend got us tickets to next Friday's Dodgers-Giants game. I figure I'd better get started right away making clever anti-Barry Bonds signs to bring with me. Here's what I've come up with so far:



Any other suggestions? I know these ones aren't great, but I bet they're a hell of a lot more clever, and more subtle, than the ones the Dodgers fans will come up with.

(Also, there are some awesome new Grady and Nomar quotes over at Dodger Blues.)


  1. Earl - you are getting very sophisticated with your blogging ability....

    I like the one that says Bonds on Bonds? How about Bonds on You Suck.

    The only other angle I can think is some play on Bail Bonds, but I just can't seem to find the proper analogy.

    Jumping back to our predictions from less than a week ago....

    The most likely head explosion race got off to a fine start with my pick (Pedro) getting into with one of the 5 residents (Jose Guillen). The whole thing was classic. Pedro threw inside. Jose jumps over the plate and gets plunked. It was not intentional. Guillen starts slowly to the mound and then really starts trying to run there only after he was grabbed by the umpire - that is always one of my favorites in brawls.

  2. What about "Bonds You Suck More Than Ben Grieve"?

  3. Good call GR! Just made one.

  4. That is by far the best sign that I have EVER seen...I only wish that Grieve was still a pro...Then you could bring that to a game and have it say "Grieve, This Is How Much You Suck!" then with the pic...Classic.

  5. You know if Tomko was more of a strikout pitcher, you could fashion some K signs to hang up - with the 3 portions made out of 3 syringes.