Thursday, April 20, 2006

2-0 Red Sox Appearance Record

At the risk of scaring even more people away, I would like to say I am undefeated in my Red Sox Appearance Record. That could all change drastically tonight as it appears that I will be attending my first full series! Only a couple of additional observations:

1. There is a really expensive "good beer" stand under the bleachers (Harp, Guiness, Smithwicks).
2. Varitek has this habit of "clapping" his glove right as the pithcer delivers. I have never seen this before, so I don't know if it was just last night.
3. Adam Stern is a lot of fun to watch in the outfield. I thought he died when he hit the wall.
4. Wigginton showed some good spirit when he caught a fly-ball (after his atrocious error) and he pumped his fist for the crowd!
5. The D-rays play a 4 outfield set when Ortiz is batting. It's totally crazy.


  1. Wiggington looked rough out there, but I think it was only his second or third game out there.

    Keep it up Dino - two posts in one week. Holy crap.

  2. I guess Wiggington was not a born outfeilder either.

  3. Uh - oh. From today's globe:

    Feeling his pain
    Keith Foulke pitched a 1-2-3 ninth inning with a strikeout last night, but said prior to the game that the benefits of the Synvisc injections he received in his knees during spring training have begun to lessen, as he's feeling some of the same aches he felt before the injections were given.

    Foulke said there's nothing he can do except push himself while his knees heal naturally, though one orthopedic physician with familiarity of the procedure said the injections can be repeated.

    Foulke said the knees are ''still feeling uncomfortable." He said the good feeling he had in the knees not long after the shots has ''regressed over the last three weeks."

    ''There was a lot of benefit to it for a while and I was really excited about how I felt," Foulke said. ''There's no doubt I have a better range of motion than I did. Now it's back to the point where they're bothering me again."

    Asked what he could do to improve the situation or if he could take another round of shots, Foulke shrugged and indicated he just needed to keep pushing himself to get through it.

    The Sox' medical staff recently put lefthander David Wells on the injections, which are an artificial joint lubricant used in the absence of cartilage, providing pain relief while promoting quicker healing.

    Looks like Foulkie might be done....

  4. Start warming up Delcarmen or Hansen...

  5. And Damn - Stern with two good games in a row and what does that earn him..... a trip to beautiful Pawtucket.

    Too bad.

    Dino - at least we will see him in a few weeks.

  6. I read that about Foulkie and was bummed. A valuable guy to have in the 'pen, be it for the 7th, 8th, or 9th. Those shots usually work for months. I was thinking he would get another set of shots come July. But if they last less than a month.........?
    This sucks.