Thursday, April 13, 2006

Everyone's doing it...

...but nobody's doing it right. As X pointed out in a while back, you have to balance home runs hit with home runs given up. On that score:


Why do I have a feeling this will be a blowout by the end of the season?


  1. That's awesome. Somewhat less awesome is this disturbing quote from Larry Bowa:

    "I'll go down on my back every day for a three-run homer."

  2. Do you think Tony Maz and Jeff Passan are friends? I almost wrote another rant the other day on Mr. Passan. The way he sucked up to Jeter was a bit much. HELLO! They were losing to the ROYALS in the bottom of the 7th!!! How can anyone celebrate a desperate homer over the ROYALS?! As previously posted HERE the Royals are projected to finish behind Rhesus Pieces! (Sorry Earl)

  3. Here's Jeff's suck up.

    PS - Jeff, if you're reading this. You get mucho props for laughing at yourself. Although we're still debating about the old googling yourself addiction. That being said, if I were a journalist I'd google myself too. Hell, I am not a journalist and I google myself!!!

  4. Here's the projections

    (Sorry, I really should plan these comments/rants better).

  5. That was really a terrible pice. And I was just talking the other day about puff pieces. Good lord.

    Of course we have grown accustomed to the media sucking up to Jeter and that he can do no wrong - for instance in OAK when he booted the ground ball the media wrote that wang couldn't pick up his teammate.

    And sure we (and by we we mean the media) have come to expect great things of Jeter, "the play" in OAK (which was really Giambi's fault more than Jeters brilliance), the dive into the stands (which I still beleive he did not really need to dive). blah blah blah

    What is most interesting is that he acts like walk off HRs (or even game breaking HRs) for Jeter are an everyday occurrence. The guys has been around for 10+ years. And is their Mr. Clutch. Yet I really only remember a handful of "big HRs" from him. Yet Passan says - we've come to expect these things of Jeter. Really?

    So he had a big one yesterday.
    He obviously had the huge one against BK in 2001
    The one last year off Foulke (I think it was the second game of the year and I think his only regular season walk off)
    And the Jeffrey Maier HR, which wasn't even a HR.

    And thats it. Do you remember any other really big HRs against the Sox in 10+ years? I don't. I remember a few by Bernie. Same for Matsui. Even Sheff. Hell even A-rod.

    But Mr. Clutch has not really stepped it up against his biggest rival. In fact if you look at his stats against BOS - career .746 OPS. 100 points below his career average. And his lowest by far against any team he has more the 52 ABs against. doesn't your best/clutch player step it up against your biggest rival? And its not like the Sox have had the best, dominant pitching staff in that period. Hardly.

    I could continue to post this crap.
    And I could mention his defense.
    But the media might not like that.
    Actually they are just lazy.

    Okay, I'm done ranting.

  6. Wow X, I had no idea you liked Jeter so much!

  7. I-believe-in-chemistry4/13/2006 2:48 PM

    Don't forget Jeter's the clubhouse chemistry god!

  8. You know what - I actually don't mid Jeter all that much. What I don't like is the way he is glorified in the media. He can do no wrong in the eyes of many people that are paid to cover the sport.

    Is he charismatic? Yes.
    Does he play the game the right way? Yes.
    Is he going to the Hall of Fame? Probably.
    If he played for the Braves, would he? Let's just say his ticket wouldn't be stamped just yet.

    He's a nice player. Certainly not a top 20 MLB player, but he's revered and paid like the top 5.

    And he gets a free pass.

    Of course it is also fun to ridicule A-Rod.

  9. I agree with everything in all those rants, which are all awesome, but I'm actually okay with him being one of highest-paid players in baseball. I hate the whole "face of baseball" thing, but he is the face of the Yankees, and he certainly brings in much more money to that organization than any other player.

  10. Yeah and I guess if Steinbrenner wants to overpay a guy I really shouldn't care.

    Hell if John Henry wants to overpay a guy I don't care about that either. What do I care if he wants to give Clemens $16MM for a half a year.

    I retract the part about pay.

    But seriously, am I missing anything on Jeter and big hits? I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

  11. No, I guess I can't think of anything either. For me, the biggest Yankee hit (besides AFB) was a 9th inning HR by Paul O'Neill off Derek Lowe (I think). He slammed his bat down thinking it was a flyout, instead it ended up winning the game.

  12. So what you are saying is Paul O'Neill was on steroids?

    Kind of makes sense. He had a temper. And some acne.

    I'd love to go over to some Yankee blog and just throw it out there.

    The one that I remember is Bernie with the HR off Beck in 99.

  13. Derek Zoolander: Good looking. Handsome. Lives in NY. Can't turn left.

    Derek Jeter: Good looking. Handsome. Lives in NY. Can't go to his left.