Sunday, April 09, 2006

A question

In last night's MFY-LAAAAA game, Adam Kennedy made a relatively weak hit up the right field line. But he got a triple out of it: even though relay throw easily beat him to the 3rd, and A-Rod was ready to apply the tag, he kicked it out of A-Rod's glove and it went flying up. No one was backing A-Rod up, but luckily for them it only bounced a couple feet away, and A-Rod walked over and picked it up. My question is: what if it had hit the third base coach? I assume if the coach deliberately prevented it from, say, dribbling into left field, they'd be penalized, but what's the penalty? And what if it wasn't so deliberate?


  1. My initial guess is that if the 3rd base coach is in the coaches box (a big if these days) and it is not intentional, then there is no advacne.

    If the ump believes it is intentional, he can likely award an extra base.

    My guess is that, like when Payton collapsed on the HR and was allowed to be replace mid-play by a runner, that this scenario is spelled out exactly in the rule book.

    A bigger question is now that Bard is showing he CAN catch Wakefield, what issue will the media create for tomorrow?

  2. Okay, so here it is:

    If a thrown ball accidentally touches a base coach, or a pitched or thrown ball touches an umpire, the ball is alive and in play. However, if the coach interferes with a thrown ball, the runner is out.

    Well the deliberately prevented it from going into left field would generally tend to help the fielding team, so you would have to wonder why they would do that, but it sounds like if the 3B coach assisted the ball to getting into LF, the ump would have grounds for calling the runner out. And not even just saying no advance.

  3. I guess the controversy will be that Foulke was perfect and then Papelbon actually not only did not strike out the side, but egads, actually gave up a baserunner.

    I'm sure there will be those that say give Foulke the roll. Maybe CHB will jump back that way for now.

    On the bright(er) side, looks like no Halladay this homestand.

  4. Yeah, my comment about "prevented" makes no sense -- change that to "deflected into the field".

    Colon - ouch.

  5. Just goes to show one of the problems with pythagorean wins for high scoring teams. Yanks outscored opponents 35-23 and they should be 4-2.

    Obviously a very small sample size....

  6. I was talking to a friend this weekend that happens to be a Yankee fan and he commented that the "Yankees either crush or lose". I am sure this is not the case, but I wonder if it's true to an extent. X any way we can get the stats?

  7. Based on a sample size of 6, I would have to agree with that.

    Better question is why do you have friends that are Yankee fans? Is that dude that got fired from Athena?