Monday, April 03, 2006

That felt weird.

Not used to them winning on Opening Day. We're usually in last place at this point in the season. Not sure what to say here, except random thoughts...Curt looked good, Foulke not so much. I've always said I'd take 1 of 2, but it still worries me...and the 117 pitches for Curt is, uh, interesting...Ortiz is still a monster...the new guys (Lowell, Crisp, Loretta, Gonzalez) each got a hit, with all but Gonzalez getting an R or for Kevin Milwood: welcome to Arlington!


  1. "as for Kevin Milwood: welcome to Arlington!"

    Something tells me he has $60 MM reasons to not mind. Of course, A-Rod was happy there for about a week. That place is like Jurassic Park - everyone is all happy at first. there is oohing and aahing, but pretty soon it turns to screaming and chaos.

    Yeah weird day. agree on the foulke/schilling 1 out of two. If Schilling can pitch like that all year, they'll be fine. surprising to see him go back out for the 7th, but they seemed to be 119 low stress pitches. For sure with the off days (even with Julian unavailable), why not get him out and get Riske an inning or two?

  2. Just saw Tito on the post game and he commented that WRT Wake tomorrow, he does not really know if it helps, there is no data to support it, but he just thinks by breaking up Schill and Beckett it throws a team off.

    With that said, I don't think I like it. Its not like Wake will throw a complete game. The bullpen will definitely pitch 2-4 innings tomorrow. TEX will get their timing back. So be it. Now watch, they will both pitch lights out.

    Oh yeah and go Jimmy Rollins. the funnest thing about this streak as long as it lasts will be all the Ny writers saying how its not the same as Dimaggio.....

  3. Good game. There were a lot of Sox fans there, but I was surprised how intense some of the Rangers fans were, at least until they fell behind.

    I'll happily take a final line of 180 IP, 4.00 ERA from Schill, and if he pitches like he did today it'll be even better than that. He clearly tired in the 6th, but it's early; the important thing is that his velocity and control were good, and he was definitely keeping guys off balance. Blalock looked really hopeless at times.

    Also: It's really freakin' hot down here.

  4. Just heard on ESPN: "And Milwood: welcome to Arlington."

    I watch way too much televised baseball.