Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cincinnati-Chicago game

Bronson Arroyo with a home run! First for his career. So far for 2006 he has as many HR's as Ken Griffey Jr., Austin Kearns, and Adam Dunn, combined.


  1. Well until Willy Mo hits one, they will have the HR chart for Pena vs. Arroyo.

    Bronson also gave up 2 on the day, so he is net -1.

    And boy are his numbers going to suffer there - his outing today was a bit masked by 2 Unearned runs. They go as unearned because of a dropped foul pop up, but the two runs scored on a HR by Derek Lee. 6Hrs in Cicny today. And counting.

    I stand by my prediction that Bronson will be about 5.00 ERA this year.

  2. Yeah, that sounds about right. His only hope is that the NL Central offenses will be weaker than expected.

    Griffey with a HR. Well, Arroyo still is tied for the team lead.

  3. Except the NL Central is home to a couple of band boxes, as well as sluggers known as:

    Derek and Carlos Lee
    Morgan Ensberg
    Aramis Ramirez
    Lance Berkman

    Funny how that stuff can work out though - you can have a lot of sluggers in a division, but you never know how a rotation is going to line up.

    Just by guessing I would say the NL west is the most pitcher friendly because the teams suck and except for Coors the parks are all generally cavernous.

    The Central has some of the big guns, but thankfully for Bronson, a few of the best are his teammates.

    The East has Delgado, the Jones, Cabrera and Abreu. But those lineups don't really scare me.

    Come to think of it, the NL kind of sucks.

  4. Come to think of it, the NL kind of sucks.

    Yeah, pretty much. One of these days I want to take a close look at the stats of pitchers switching from one league to another and see how they did.

    (Of course, it could be argued that the best GM's in the game are in the AL, so the AL may be more likely to pick up the best talent and more likely to dump the question marks.)

  5. "it could be argued that the best GM's in the game are in the AL"

    I definitely did not give it much thought. That by itself could be an interesting "argument."

    My initial thoughts are the AL is where the $$ is, but the NL has 5 of the top 10 payroll teams (Mets, Phillies, Cards, Giants, Cubs and Braves) followed by the Dodgers and Houston. Of course the 1 and 2 are so far ahead of everyone else....

    As for stats of pitchers changing leagues, I just came across those numbers about a week ago - either in BP or one of the three other books I'm reading right now. I'll try to dig them up tonight.

  6. Yeah, I sort of pulled the GM argument out of my ass. I was thinking of Theo, Beane, and Shapiro.

    Of course, any league with Bowden as a GM will, on average, be much, much stupider.

  7. In the AL, up until last year you had Chuck Lamar that probably balanced Bowden.

    Bill Stoneman might be one of the most underrated GMs.

    And the top NL GMs are Shuerholz, Jocketty, Sabean and (maybe if they keep the upward trend) Doug Melvin.

    Of course the payroll issue again has to come into discussion. Given his limited dollars you have to say Terry Ryan has done a good job in MN. Omar Minaya is a really tough one to rate - has basically had an open checkbook but then again he also inherited some pretty crappy contracts and joined the Mets right after they traded thier best prospect for essentially nothing. Of course this is also the guy that traded Cliff Lee and Grady Sizemore for Bartolo Colon, although even that was under distressed conditions.

    Jury is still out on some new guys. And some guys you have to wonder if they have seen their best days (Gillick comes to mind).

    This discussion could go on for days.

  8. 2 Loretta hits erased by Ortiz GIDP. Trade the bum.