Thursday, April 13, 2006

Programming Alert - stay tuned

I’m not sure if there is a story here. But The Big Unit did not come out for the 6th in NY. 4 hits. Only 1 Run and only 87 pitches.
And its not a blow out – although given KC’s bullpen it probably will be soon.

Could he be hurt?


  1. In yearning to learn more about the Unit situation I have flipped on the Yank broadcast. so I am treated to more John Sterling.

    This gem:

    I received a note from America's Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani.

    America's Mayor?

  2. So the workd from TASS, I mean the Yankee front office through Sterling/Waldman:

    There is nothing medically wrong with Randy.

    So that leaves one of several options:

    Torre is brain dead.
    Posada really wanted to play today.
    They are lying.
    Randy has his period.

  3. Stinnet's still in the lineup.

    Graff hit a homer.
    But then Giambi hit a homer.
    Thome hit a homer, in another game.