Thursday, April 06, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

Beckett was great...Papelbon was great...Timlin was lucky...I think the only reason Texiera was called out on that play was because the ball beat him there by a lot. I actually think that the tag was high...

Francona's explanation about using Papelbon was weak, but I don't long as the Sox won.

Papelbon might be awesome as a closer, but this team needs Foulke. Papelbon will need to start here and there this year.

Nice to see how good the Yankees defense is...Cano with 2 errors. Wright explodes. The Yankees lose....THeeee heeee Yankees lose.

Manny is off to a similar start compared to last year. I think...I can't remember because his numbers were pretty damned impressive by season's end.

How great is Loretta? Totally professional hitter and solid glove man.

Here's a little prediction...The Sox will make a move at some point this season for a first baseman with a bat. Youk and Snow aren't going to cut it over there.

Some early (VERY early surprises)...Seattle takes 2 of 3 from LAA. Twins pound on Toronto's bullpen yesterday. The O's offense looks good. Of course they've faced the Rays, but I thought the Rays would have more oomph early this year...The Braves miss Leo Mazzone so far...They've had to outslug the Dodgers to win those games.


  1. Yeah, the Papelbon/Foulke question is interesting. Despite the fact that this would shred my fantasy teams, I'm fine with Papelbon being the new closer; Francona says he's not, but Francona says a lot of things to protect his players. But yeah, Papelbon will have to start sometime, so we can only hope Foulke'll be ready.

  2. I can't believe that Francona would bail on Foulke like that. This definitely was discussed before this decision (for this game). Otherwise, this blows up Foulke's confidence or makes him go off the wall.

    I almost wonder if they are covering a little nagging something or other with Foulke. Maybe a knee is hurting?

    Who knows?

    He's still better than Wright....

  3. I think that's right. In Francona's mind, Foulke is, and always will be, the closer. But to the rest of us, it may not look that way. Ever again. (I hope I'm wrong, and Foulke is awesome.)

  4. We'll let Foulke get in shape and make up the missed Spring training work. And all the while during that undetermined amount of time ( 2-5 weeks?), there will NOT be a sense of urgency, because Papel will be there. But when (not if) Foulkie gets back into pre-'05 shape, the club will be so much better because of it. So a no-lose situation all around. How great is that!

  5. Those are some optimistic views Peter. I sure as hell hope Foulke can come back, but I'm ot 100% sure. I'm not even 75% sure.

    GR - that was my first thought as I watched last night evolve - that Foulke is a little bit hurt. In the pregame show, Theo was even pretty forthcoming about Foulke's struggles in game 1. If there were not concerns, Theo would have said "No problem. Not worried about it. Foulkie is our man." It was telling that he said none of that - just that they will continue to evaluate it. Granted the situation is a little different, but with respect to Bard, Theo said all of the above.

    If Jonathan needs to stay in the pen, the Sox do have options for fill in starters - DiNardo, Alvarez and Lester come to mind.

    This is why Theo built some depth in the pen, if Foulke is hurt and Riske continues to suck, thankfully they have Papelbon, Timlin, Tavarez, Seanez near the back of the pen.

    And as Earl noted, if Schill is the man like he was on Monday, they can better afford slippage in other areas.

    I sure did like the way Beckett looked.

  6. I don't think that Lester will be ready this year. Not sure why...I know he's very highly regarded, but he looked inexperienced even during spring training. Maybe intimidated is a better word? In either case, he wasn't as confident as Papelbon appears to be, that's for sure.

    Hansen, on the other hand, could be called up to close a game or three if Papelbon has to slide back into the rotation for a few starts while someone heals up.

    Then, and I know that this is more than likely NOT the case, if Wake can't work it out with Bard then maybe he gets moved to the pen, Papelbon moves in to the rotation, and Timlin moves to closer. That way Tek catches Wake during relief appearances only. Bard can spell Tek while catching a more "normal" type of thrower.

    But, X, like you said...Lots of options either way...BUT...still want Foulke to come back and have a great year.

  7. Yeah, Lester looked a bit overmatched, but we are talking about guys filling in for hopefully only a short time. Kind of like Papelbon last year, except he was so freakin good and the team was so desperate that he ended up playing a huge roll.

    Assume the worst, that Foulke is done. I just don't see them messing with the roll of closer if Papelbon is doing well. Hansen clearly struggled this spring and they have him on a plan to develop a breaking pitch. I see him as the least viable option - at least until August or later.

    Wake to the pen is the absolute last resort. The Bard situation will figure itself out. But to put Wake in the pen, in late and close situations? well we saw how Tek did in the playoffs last year - no better than Bard. Sure Wake has been a closer, but with power arms available, I say no way they would put Wake out there.

    So, lets just hope everyone stays healthy. They have some options for the pen - Meredith will hopefully bounce back, we haven't even metioned Delcarmen.

  8. Jimmy Rollins is 0-3 in the 6th.....

    I'm getting nervous.

  9. Now 0-for-4. Doesn't look like he'll get another shot. But he might.

  10. Nope. Oh well. Congrats Rolls - longest streak in a while. (I think.)

  11. In like 20 yars, I think. Since Rose had 44. Or maybe there was one by Molitor.