Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Am in Need of Baseball Discussion

Ok, look...My wife is a Yankees fan, and my daughter is 10-months old (and WILL be a Red Sox fan)...I get no baseball discussion except here and there isn't much going on today.

So, someone talk about something...

How about how great Ben Grieve is? No, that is a very short discussion...

How about how the Sox lineup will suck tonight...? I know they sent Stern down because Willie Harris HAD to be brought up or we lose him...but, let's see...Let Willie Harris go! At least Stern could hit some...I know they want Stern to get some ABs in the minors, but Harris is not good. And with Lee (the lefty) going, I am expecting Wily Mo to be in RF...



  1. No way do we drop Harris. We need him for his awesome bunting skills.

    That's all I can think of to say right now. Oh, and Manny's back. So we got that going for us.

  2. Bronson Arroyo throwing a shutout right now...4-0 Reds in the fifth...

  3. Not just a shutout, but a one hit shutout through 6 now.

  4. Damn. It hurts given we sort of need a 5th starter. Still, I just don't believe this can last. This is his fourth consecutive start at an away park -- I can only assume his GAB numbers aren't going to be as nice.

  5. Well, this is pretty awesome.

  6. Hey with his Grand Salami today, Kevin Mench in his last 6 games - .500 8 R 6 HR 20 RBI. Yikes. I guess the ball does fly out of Arlington.

  7. And of course everyone is going crazy about Bronson now, but we'll see how much attention it gets when he slows down. Last year it was the same thing - he started fast and his ERA was a full run higher in the second half.

    Once he gets through the NL once, I fully expect the same thing to happen to him again.

  8. Wow.. this is the best discussion ever. 8 IP 1 H 0 ER 8 K 2 BB final line for Bronson. That being said he did leave 5 on base!!!

    Wily Mo has his work cut out for him tonight. I think 2-4, 2 R, 1 HR, 3 RBI is about right.

  9. Kind of funny the other day when Dinardo was getting knocked around I wrote - "No kidding. Because, of course, Arroyo would have shut out the Jays for 8 innings and Saenez would have come in and K'd the side in the ninth for 1-0 Sox win."

    Eery. Of course Toronto's lineup is a bit stronger than Washington, but still this is odd. Look for Seanez to throw a perfect inning tonight.

  10. In listening to this A's-Rangers game,I just learned that Mench was drafted by the Sox and traded to TEX in the Mirabelli trade.

    Somehow this had escaped.

    Of course I am bothered even more that Texeria was drafted by the Sox but opted for college instead, allegedly because his dad did not like the way Duquette treated them.

  11. I think they're wrong - Texas drafted him in 1999. (The Mirabelli trade was in 2001 I think.)

    I like this, from his Wikipedia article (which also says Rangers in 1999):

    "The consensus around Major League Baseball is that he has the largest head in the game, size 8. In fact, his teamates on the Rangers went so far as to create a green Shrek helmet for him to wear, although Major League Baseball would not allow him to do so."

  12. Actually,they weren't wrong, I just was only half listening. Duschererererererer was pitching for the A's and it was HE that Mirabelli was traded for. My bad.

    Nice A-Rod video. the best part is how serious he looks while stroking it. The bat.

  13. Oh yeah, Duck-shearer sounds familiar.

    That was Texas's 7th blown save, in 10 chances. The scary thing is, that's not even worst in the AL: KC is 1-for-7.