Friday, April 21, 2006

2-1 Red Sox Appearance Record

So 2 out of 3 ain't bad. I implemented the Bukowski-method, but was early enough to catch most of the first inning. I would have been earlier if I didn't try to upgrade my tickets. The lack of scalpers was striking. Here are a couple more general observations:

1. Scalpers are nuts. I tried to upgrade my tickets to the nice seats for giggles and they wanted WAY too much money. Although I love the reverse pyschological approach they take, by asking for tickets instead of saying they have tickets.
2. The concession stands at the top of the Grandstands behind home plate are TERRIBLE.
3. Fans that go to the game for a social event are often very annoying. The guy in front of me was on his phone the entire time and would stand up at random moments to make it easier for his friends to spot him.
4. Sitting in the nice seat when all the fans pour out in the late innings is awesome! The game is completely different up close.
5. Bud Light is not as bad as Budweiser, it's less sweet.


  1. Tough game. But I imagine we will see a few of those this year. It would be nice if Manny's bat would get going.

    I remember not too long ago when an April game against TB on weeknight, you could score tickets below face value. And the games started at 6:05. And the idea of a weekday afternoon game fughdaboutit. Too much money at stake.

  2. Oh yeah and the Sox winning streak may be over, but Dino is up to 3 days in a row with a post. Somehow I have a feeling that streak ends tomorrow.

  3. Thanks X. Tomorrow will be tough, but I'll aim to get one post out this weekend!

  4. "Scalpers are nuts. I tried to upgrade my tickets to the nice seats for giggles and they wanted WAY too much money."
    That's the nature of the beast(s). But baseball this weekend in Toronto town might be nice....especially tonight.

  5. And maybe some giggles, too!

  6. The scalpers are always going to be nuts as well. Unless the demand WAY outstrips the supply (and while interest in the Sox is huge now), I would not see that as the case for TB in April, they always start ridiculously high. My approach is generall to offer them about a quarter or third of what they are asking and at even a hint of them saying no way, walk away. They see you as $$$ and any extra $$ they can get, they will.

    Trading RF GS for Box might only take an extra $25 each in the end - hell they are going to tell the person they are selling the GS seats to that they are "right behind the Sox dugout."

    Pretty much every transaction I ever enter into, always involves me walking away at one point and the guy coming back/following me saying wait, wait, wait.

  7. And he said "Wait, wait, wait" in English. That's got to be a good sign.

  8. X, agreed. I actually laughed at the guy yesterday and walked away. Unfortunately, like you said the demand far out stripped the supply. There was no "wait, wait, wait".

    Peter N, where are you from? I've never seen a non-old-school-Bostonain Scalper around Fenway.