Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Hazel Mae

My god did anyone see Hazel on Red Sox Rewind last night. Yummy.

I forever dream of Hazel Mae Naked.

To see more, click here.

Okay, thought that might cool you down.

Hazel Mae nude
Hazel Mae naked
Hazel Mae's breasts
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  1. Also, is it a bit worrisome that tomorrow's game has been changed to 8:00 to give the grounds crew more time to prepare the field after the Stones concert. That was last weekend!! They couldn't have it ready in five days, so they need one more hour? They couldn't have worked an hour later tonight? or yesterday?

    Conspiracy theorists unite - one hour. Announced the day before. Lets get everyone to the park and sell more beer.

  2. Oh man, I forgot just how annoying Jose Lima is. I hope we clobber him.

  3. Okay, maybe we won't. And Schilling looks really awful. Not good.

  4. Well that is why they needed to get him in now - to see what he has (or doesn't have).

    Lets hope this is just his version of spring training. May be a stretch given that he has been pitching for the last month and its not like it took 3 or even 2 times through the lineup before they started cuffin him around.

  5. Hey I think your link is broken, HAZEL RULEZ

  6. I think Hazel has a puffy face. Maybe there lies her appeal.

  7. Andrew, why didn't you inform us of this?

    Did she use to work for the Jays?

  8. Wow, she looks horrid in that photo. Her head is huge. Like, Kevin Mench huge.

  9. Yeah she did used to work up in Toronto. I remember they did some interview with her when she first started and she had no idea that the Sox were so popular in Boston.

    Of course you can't see her breasts in that picture...

    Hmmmm. Hazel Mae's breasts - I should add that to the post. Could score some hits

  10. Sorry dude, had to edit. Not to be a censor, but I hate the t-word.

  11. I hate her. She's morbidlly annoying.