Friday, August 04, 2006

Second Time around

A while back, the Sox acquired the "other" Javy Lopez. In a move reminiscent of the 2004 offseason when we had Bill Meuller, Kevin Millar and were making a run at Damian Miller, while V-Tek was flirting with KC (read: having Scott Boras attain top dollar for him.)

Anyway, it looks like Javy will be the defensive replacement for Tek while rehabs. Hey, they need to do something, but if we got frustrated watching Bard chase balls to the backstop, Javy better hope he can recapture some of hiw pre-2004 power (hint, hint) or the faithful will get frustrated pretty quickly. And if the price really is Adam Stern, I would have to say the O's did okay.


  1. I would also add that Lopez is not a very good defensive catcher, but that he will add another .280 hitter to the lineup...he's also not known for his stellar communications with pitchers.

  2. Yeah, that was kind of my point about him cahsing balls to the back stop. Although I wouldn't be very excited about adding his bat to the lineup. After the steroid era *ended* he has had no power at all. In fact, you could argue that Alex Gonzalez is a better hitter right now.