Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Stupid asshole moron no-balls shithead."

Quite a rant over at Joy of Sox. In a single post, "fuck" beats "shit", 16 to 12.


  1. I am happy to report we got our first hit from someone googling "holy fucking shit dinosaurs".

  2. Yeah the lineup today was awful. With the exception of Manny and Ortiz and possibly, possibly, Loretta over Cano, the Yanks had a better player, and more experience out there.

    On the plus side, the Yanks really do look like they are ready for a crash and burn in October.

    And if you are a Yankee fan, can you really seriously root for these guys. You have A-rod. Please. Damon led your bitter rival to your worst defeat ever. Abreu has been there for like two weeks. your one and two pitchers have both disappointed in big moments for 5 years and been largely responsible for your second worst defeat in the "dynasty" era. Your best slugger is a cheater. Your setup guys is certifed douche bag. Seriously. Besides Jeter and Mo, who is there really to cheer for. Bernie who is only playing out of desparation. And Posada? Christ, the church lady could beat the crap out of him in a fight. And yeah, you can pull for Melky and Cano. big whoop. the only reason one can pull for them is to say they are "homegrown." homegrown overrated replacement players if you ask me. All winter long we read about the Yanks turning down the marlins for beckett or willis because they insisted Cano be included. Please. This is the nY propoganda. FLA has done alright with their 2B this year, huh? And if Cashman would turn down those deals, then I say amen. Sign him up for 5 more years. I'll even pay part of his salary.

    In the words of Ricky Bobby - Shake and Bake.

  3. Even worse than the game is the fact that I can't comment on JOY OF members only? I emailed them... and I've been around long enough to become part fossil, the other part Sox fan. Take care guys!!

  4. Uh oh. With Pedro already on the DL, the Mets sure can't afford to lose Glavine. Sounds like it could be serious. Funny how there are a lot of guys to like on the Mets (Pedro, Glavine, Wright, Reyes), but the way Minaya and Randolph come across (not to mention the "other" NY fans), it would be a joy to see them crash and burn.

    I sure hope Glavine is alright.