Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A couple of thoughts...

Before I head out to watch Schilling get strikeout number 3,000.

Now we know why the Astros probably asked for the world in the (alleged) Oswalt to Boston deal. they think he is a star and rewarded him as such. Now if Beckett could only pitch more like the Beckett of old (i.e., last night), his $30 Million deal will be a bargain.

I understand why many (most) Yankee fans are insecure and obnoxious. But Chass is puzzling to me. He grew up hating the Yanks (as a Pirate fan) and now is in a head to head battle with George King for unabashed second in command (behind Rubenstein himself) of the Yankee PR machine. His latest - "THEY’RE throwing a playoff party at Yankee Stadium this week, and only legitimate contenders are welcome. The Boston Red Sox weren’t invited. If they had been, they would have probably stumbled and fallen on their faces en route to the festivities. "

How petty? The article is not even (supposed to be) about the Sox. Yet he can't resist. then again, most of the Yankee fans are insecure and probably enjoy reading such nonsense. The defending champ White Sox appear to be in just as much trouble as the Red Sox, but they garner only a mention(and that as an opponent of the Twins). At least George King only sugar coats comments, like acting Reggie was giving A-Rod a pep talk the other day.

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  1. Terrible hack writing...

    There are still mentions going around of how well the Yankees are holding up despite their injuries to Matsui and Sheff. I mean, they must be commended for being able to play with Abreu "filling in" for Sheffield. How awful for them...

    Meanwhile, the Sox injuries are one sentence, 50 lines deep, in most columns outside of Boston (and more than a few in Boston). What I am seeing in more places than not is "The Sox, following the NY series, have given up." How about their pitching staff was/is riddled with injuries, they lost their team captain, rf, lf, dh, ss, backup of (2nd rf), backup catcher for a bit, had to pick up two backup catchers, etc...?

    The thing that strikes me as ironic about this season is that in the off-season there was all this talk about the aging Yankees and the "getting younger" Red Sox. Meanwhile, 3 starters were approaching 40, Trot, Varitek, and Lowell are on the backside of their prime. Timlin 40...Seanez...old. Blinders were definitely on, that's for sure.