Thursday, August 17, 2006

Simmons vs Mnookin

From the comments of the post below, I think we all agree Bill Simmons's comment that Coco Crisp is a "colossal disappointment" was an absolutely ridiculous thing to say. But then again, so was most of stuff he wrote about the Sox in that same article. I have to say I'm really surprised how much of a "knee-jerk fan" he sounds like; I generally think of him as having pretty good perspective.

Anyhoo, I missed it when I read it the first time, but apparently he takes a jab at Seth Mnookin in there - motivated either by jealousy or just general grumpiness about the Sox's recent losing ways. Mnookin responds, in a pretty fantastic post. In the first part he makes some nice points about fans' views of the Sox and all the "what-ifs"; the second part is directly aimed at Simmons. (And there's a nice latte joke at the end.)

I'd love to see this escalate into an all-out verbal war. I wonder who would win. Mnookin definitely would take the "coolest name" category, but Simmons can make up for that with his extensive knowledge of last season's America's Next Top Model contestants.


  1. Methinks Seth is being a little sensitive here. Simmons makes fun of all sorts of people. Mnookin should know that. Sure it was a reference to him, but it could be viewed as a complement. Sort of like saying he would love the opportunity to have that access.

    Mnookin makes great points usually and his emotions are often kept out of it. I pretty much agree with everything he said in the first half.

  2. Yeah, Mnookin got way too defensive. I still can't help but think Simmons sounded a little bit jealous. Like I said, I want a smackdown.