Saturday, August 05, 2006

Durham update

There has not been this much fun in Durham since the days of Nuke LaLoosh and Crash Davis. As previously chronicled the Rays have had a little trouble, so to say, with their top prospects in Durham. Unfortunately my previous thought of punishment in the form of no call up when by the wayside for Upton once Wiggington got hurt - all the team could have still grown a pair.

Now we have Elijah Dukes getting suspended for (likely) the rest of the year. A 30 day suspension would coincide with the end of the AAA season, so he's likely done - and talking about quitting for good (not likely unless he wants to be serving Keith Foulke at Burger King). Lord I hope the Rays don't call him up after the suspension.

My favorite quote (Dukes feeling sorry for himself as if he is NOT a problem player):

"I didn't tell Delmon to throw his bat at that umpire. I didn't tell B.J. to go driving his car after he had some drinks. I don't even hang out with those guys. It was always just me in my apartment after games or whatever. I think I went out twice and both times I got a cab because I don't need any more hassle than I already have on me."

Hey Elijah, I'm sure your "teammates" appreciate the support.


  1. And two more things - one related, one not related. The Rays just traded for Joel Guzman in the Lugo deal - yet another talented "toolsy" outfielder who *surprise* has had some discipline problems. So a) the Rays apparently don't have enough OF, already??? and b) you would think they would learn to stay away from kids with reputations.

    Secondly, on the Bronson front - he made his 10th straight start without a win and ATL's pathetic pen saved him from falling to 9-8, but that ERA, not too long ago tucked neatly under 3.00 is now 3.47 and I'm guessing on its way north of 4.00 before this season is over. I guess we won't be reading about Arroyo much in the Boston papers for the rest of this season.

    Lastly, I love Billy Wagner naming Cory Lidle, "Chicken Lidle." The sox fans better do right by that later this month.

  2. The tough week continues for Carmona. He gave up a two run, two out walk off HR to Pudge tonight for the Tigers to win 4-3. I'm sure Elias will have the stats on the last time a pitcher gave up 3 walk offs in one week.

    Hell, even Byung Hung Kim could not do that.

  3. from my earlier Javy Lopez post, I had - "In a move reminiscent of the 2004 offseason when we had Bill Meuller, Kevin Millar and were making a run at Damian Miller" well I forgot about wade Miller in that one. And we may soon have Javy Lopez pitching to Javy Lopez. Pretty cool.

  4. Yeah, I want to hear what Elias says about batteries with only one name. Maybe a Bill Smith has caught a Bill Smith before, or something.