Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Papi's Big Broken Heart

Ok, with Papi out now, I can't believe that there are still Sox fans who think this team has any chance whatsoever.

Trade Wells NOW while you can get something for him. It is his chance to get back to San Diego (where he could make a huge impact on the race), and a chance for us to get something valuable in return (that we can put to use next year...like a reliever).

I wrote in a comment (at the time, jokingly) that the Sox could wind up a .500 team this year. Now I am thinking that is not so far out of the equation. Let's take a look a look at their DL...


Out right now

Hurting but playing

They've lost 19 games in August and there is NO reason to think that they won't continue to lose at a heavy clip. Is it really out of the question to consider that they'll go 11-21 the rest of the way? They will probably trade Wells...Beckett is inconsistent, Lester is hurt, they have no pen, and they can't hit without Manny and Papi. The weak competition coming in September isn't really "weak" anymore.

They have 7 left against Toronto, 4 against the Yankees, 3 against the Twins, 3 against the White Sox. That's 17 against tough competition. There's 3 against KC, but the Sox have struggled against them this year. Remember the 2 1-0 games? And the series in KC?...The saving grace is Baltimore in this mess...6 against them.

It really is time for the front office to admit defeat and start getting stuff in return for anyone who isn't coming back next year. Someone need a 2b? Here's Loretta. NL team in need of a proven NL reliever? Here's Tavarez...Etc...

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  1. I just don't have it in me to think about such stuff right now. The club's options are surreally diverse. I'll wait for good news about our Papi first, though.