Friday, August 04, 2006

Second Thoughts on Not Making a Move

I was thinking about this today, and I know we've had a million discussions about "keeping the young talent", but I am starting to have second thoughts. Why not play for this year, every year?

Also, how motivating is it to the rest of the team hearing that you are just waiting for another year or two for the plan to come together?

Do you really care if the Sox are going to be good for the next 3 years starting in another two years? They really had a shot to win it all this year, and MAYBE they still do. Now, I don't think you dump Lester, but I have to think that Hansen and Delcarmen should have been very available.

The fact that this team didn't find another bat off the bench while the Yankees got Wilson from Pittsburgh for a washed-up pitcher just does me in...Plus, he can play every position. And don't tell me that the Yankees could get him for Chacon, but the Pirates would not have given him up to the Sox without Lester or Hansen in the deal...I won't buy it.

Look at the Abreu and Lidle deal. The Yankees gave up no major league talent, and not even their top prospects. So, did Philly demand Lester AND Hansen?

Lester is very good. He gives you six innings, and his control will probably improve over the next few years which should help him. However, people were saying that Clement had electric stuff but just had to learn how to control it. Clement never did.

Hansen looks promising as well, but you would think in a one-inning scenario he should be lights out already considering he throws strikes. He'll improve, but I think the best of the bunch IS Papelbon. This is probably why we couldn't get Oswalt. If other organizations really thought Hansen had the potential to be lights out (read the Braves), they probably would have negotiated for another prospect (not Lester) in the Andru Jones deal.

And Delcarmen is good, but do you have the feeling that he will be GREAT someday?

Even if they had the potential, and you could get Oswalt who is VERY proven and only 28 or so, make the move.

I understand the front office has a plan. They've made that abundantly clear by NOT making any moves. I am now changing my stance, though, because I am a fan. I want my team to do what it takes to win now. I am not saying mortgage the future, but I am saying trade SOME prospects (not even guys who've been on the big league club) and get a bat. The Yankees got Abreu and Lidle that way.


  1. I think the sox played it just about right. There was no big fish to be landed.

    I think they would have made a run at Abreu if Nixon had gotten hurt a few days sooner. And it wasn't just the prospects, it was the $20 MM for a guy who has hit more like Scott Hatteburg in the last 162 games than Manny Ramirez. Of course the Sox could afford that $$, but they would rather throw WMP in RF and use the extra $$ to fill other positions.

    From what I read, it was the Stros that turned down an Oswalt deal (and that deal included either Hansen or Delcarmen and an unamed position player).

    So I'm not sure what deals could have been done. who else was out there that would be a huge upgrade? Jason Schmidt would help, but you didn't hear his name too much.

    But I do agree with the idea that you could make SOME deal - take a flyer on a guy like Kip Wells - why not.

  2. On Delcarmen, a lot of his outtings, I do have a feeling of impending near-greatness. His curveball seems to tie batters in knots, and contrasting it with the 94-96 MPH fastball makes him a great weapon out of the pen. I think he could eventually be the kind of go-to setup guy that Timlin was (and hopefully will be again), that Scot Shields is, Dan Wheeler in Houston, Duchsherer in Oakland, and Rodney and Zumaya in Detroit. He's got the makeup and the two powerful out pitches. He's a valuable trade chip, and if he can help land a marquee starter like Oswalt, then fine. If not, then I'm not sure it's worth it. Plus, as a Boston native, he'd probably in his FA years accept hometown discounts possibly forever to stay here.

    Sure, he's not that guy that can put together a once every 15-20 year season as a reliever like Papelbon, but he's a valuable asset out of the pen who will likely come cheap even when he reaches free agency.

  3. Clement and Lester in the same sentence? A bit of a stretch, considering Jon is all of 22. He just became old enough to vote, fer Christ's sake! His upside is boundless. You do make a semi-valid point, but the talent pool out there was not good enough to part with the young guns.

  4. And sometimes Little Manny is dazzling. I agree with X.....I'd love to spend the next 10 years watching him pitch for us, in that 7-8th inning vital spot.

  5. I assume you are saying clement and lester in the same sentance is a stretch because it is an insult to Clement. Lets not forget that the guy has won almost 100 games in the big leagues and Lester has won 5. Plus Lester has struck out about 8 batters per 9IP in his big league career, which Lester barely did in the minors. Funny, they both have struggled with their command at times. I agree Lester is a phenomenal prospect. He may even be a number one or a two, but even if he becomes "only" as good as Clement, he will be a tremendous asset to the team (especially at his low price). Clement was never on the DL until this year. and has won more games (or darn close) in his career than AJ Burnett, Dontrelle willis, Jason Schmidt, Beckett, Pavano, Webb, . Hell even Zito, Halladay, D-Lowe and carpenter have only a few more wins than Clement.

    Lets let Jon have a full season before we annoint him a savior - that being said, I am VERY happy to have him around for at least the next 4 years.