Monday, August 28, 2006

The sky is falling

I just realized that the BJ's are 2 games back from us and we have 7 games left against them this year! My god - we could end up in third place in the division?!


  1. Think big! If they keep it up, Sox could actually be 4th!!!

    Seriously, Sox could easily end the season in the bottom half of the AL, behind the Yanks, BJ's, Tigers, White Sox, Twins, A's, Angels, and Rangers.

  2. And that pic of me was taken on a drunkin' Halloween many years ago. Or.......or...maybe not. Oops. hades of Gilda Rander, who left us way too early. And she would say, "NEVER MIND." Good stuff Earl.

  3. And I believe....great photo, out of the archives.

  4. Really, this could not have been a more perfect post for this season of GYS and the Red Sox.

    I am silent.