Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lost my touch?

A while back, I bragged about how awesome Julian Tavarez had been since the day he be became My Favorite Player, 3 weeks before. (I've had this effect on previous Favorite Players, like Mike Lansing and Rolando Arrojo.) But in the last month or so...not so much. Bit of a rough stretch: 9 ER in his last 12 IP. Mind you, his numbers since Jun 24 (1-2, 3.90 ERA) are a lot better than those of another favorite of Sox fans (Bronson Arroyo in that stretch: 0-4, 5.31 ERA, against weaker opponents). But damn he's scary when he pitches. In that same period of time, his WHIP has been 1.58 - pretty damn lucky to get an ERA under 4 with that.

...So Julian Tavarez is no longer My Favorite Player. Sorry Julian. (Hopefully that'll light a fire under him.)


  1. He might need more than that. You were too nice. Hey, I love to see him, r his cousin Rudy, when we have a 6 run lead! Take care

  2. Has anyone heard from Dino? I hope he is still alive.