Sunday, July 09, 2006

Update on My Favorite Player

So that loss sucked, but whaddya gonna do - two evenly matched teams, with the benches and bullpens depleted - 50% chance of losing, basically. I personally would've liked to see Wake pitch a couple, but whatever. Seanez actually didn't suck - at least, his pitching was not the worst of the night.

But the real unsung hero for the Red Sox was My Favorite Player, Julian Tavarez. He pitched 4 shutout innings, and let only two guys on base - one walk, and the other a hit which Trot really should've caught. Needless to say, his ERA dropped tremendously, from 4.98 to 4.56. Tavarez-hatahs: please note that his ERA is now equal to the AL average. Yes, in terms of runs given up, he's an average pitcher. Awesome!

Also: since June 19, the day he became My Favorite Player, he's pitched 16 innings, giving up 3 runs on 11 hits, for an ERA of 1.69 and a BAA of .187. In those 3 weeks, his ERA has dropped almost one and a half points.

Goooooo Julian!!!!


  1. Also, he made two awesome defensive plays. The first was...uh, a slow roller to first, I guess. The second a "hurts-to-watch" split in an attempt to complete a double play.

  2. Even Seanez lasted a couple of innings. Do we think this is a sign that our bullpen will improve in the second half?

  3. I think the pen is going to be pretty good in the second half. I, too, noticed Tavarez's recent strengthening.

    Seanez did suck. He was helped out tremendously by a few good plays (Cora's double play was just ridiculous). His location is terrible, and he allows too many baserunners. I think that Theo should explore a trade (Seanez for a bag of batting practice balls for)...Nixon and Tek who combined for 0 hits in 17 at-bats.

  4. Earl - a quote from Ozzie:

    ``In the 15th I told the umpires we should have a Home Run Derby to win this," Guillen said. ``I saw that Italy won the World Cup [on penalty kicks] and I thought we should do the same thing."

    I'm not sure, there has to be a joke there somewhere that is relevant to your last post.