Sunday, July 16, 2006

Questions about the rotation

It looks like we're poised for a week of questions regarding the Red Sox rotation. At least that is my bet what the WEEI guys will be raging about tomorrow. The Baseball tonight guys hinted at the fact that the rotation is a question mark, even bringing in example of the MFY's latest move, if you can call it a move as something rather than nothing (to fix the rotation).

Losing 3 out of 4 to a weak hitting Oakland does focus the attention on the Sox pitching. However, looking back through the games I can only be upset about Beckett's start. Synder lost it in the 5th today, but he almost got himself out of that bind and in my opinion that is all we can expect from him. Remind anyone of Casey Fossum (although right handed)?

As for Beckett, looking through his game log it becomes evident that Beckett has a bad game every now and again. While his ERA is 5.12, the median ER per game is 3. Of the 7 games (out of 19 total) with an ER of 4 or greater Beckett is 1-4. 16 of his 24 HR given up have happen in those games. The opponents have been Toronto, New York (AL), Cleveland, Chicago (AL), and Oakland. All slugging teams with the exception of Oakland, but I feel that Oakland has been under performing.

Yes, it would be great to get a 5th starter, but I still like our rotation.


  1. Wow - nice work from the kid who less than a week ago said "I don't know if we play them again...."

    And I guess the bottom line with that Beckett observation is that he pitches well 2 out of every three outings. And in almost half his outings, he has given up two runs or less. So with Schilling as the number one and Beckett at number two, it is a pretty decent one-two punch should they find a way to make it to October...

  2. So I'm guessing that Miekrjwlrawicz will get booed pretty loudly this evening.

  3. Miek might be carried away by the amount of booing tonight. As in carried out with a panic attack. And Josh....two words.....CHANGE SPEEDS. Oh, and do not shake off TEK.

  4. Meintaidhaf shouldn't get booed. Who cares about a ball? Seriously...Yes, it ended the drought. I understand that.

    But the White Sox drought was longer. Who has that ball? Is there a way to find that out?

    Mieateaht said he would donate it to the Red Sox OR the HOF IF HE COULD RETAIN OWNERSHIP. That was denied both times. Why? Because everyone wants the money associated with that ball. Cooperstown wants Sox fans to make the pilgrimage to the HOF to PAY to see the ball...The Sox want everyone TO PAY to take a tour to see the ball. Mietnata just wants to get paid for the ball...Same thing in my humble opinion.

    Why not make Lowe give back the MOST HISTORIC COMEBACK IN BASEBALL HISTORY ball? Ok, that wasn't the WS, but many MANY fans said that beating the Yanks was better than winning it all.

    Anyway, the Sox need another starter. Because, right now, number 5 is almost as close to an automatic loss as is possible. This makes it very difficult to get on a roll and rack up 8 or 9 wins in a row. Throw in a bad turn for Beckett, a non-hitting night behind Wakefield (both trends seen all season long), and you are adding another 3 losses...

  5. And with Wake leaving early with his back acting up again, things aren't getting better.

    As for Minetkiwicz, well sure it is logical to say "who cares" but I'm talking about the EEI mentality and the infectious nature of being at the ballpark and booing and carrying on. And to Joe Blow fan, the real issue is not the ownership of the ball, it is the audacity to challenge the almighty Red Sox. Many fans think that a player like Mientkiwicz should be glad that he had a chance to play for the Sox and win a World Series and on top of it he is very well paid. Hell even some of the players are sounding off on this – Foulke (never exactly the voice of “reason”), but perhaps revealing that he does think more like Johnny from Burger King than he would have originally thought, has said that he thinks he deserves the ball and that Doug would be way down the totem pole of who should get it. So I think he gets booed. Probably not as loudly as members of the MFY. But enough that it will be heard.

    So that is all I was getting at. Of course it is always about the money. Unfortunately I am still in Europe and did not get to see it, I just think that I am pretty well plugged into what RSN will do and who they will act – not necessarily that I will agree with it. And the fact that RSN boos any member of the 25 (except Damon which it is understandable), is kind of absurd.