Monday, July 31, 2006


I don't care what the stats may or may not say...David Ortiz is the most ridiculous player I have ever seen in terms of getting the big hit.

No need to really discuss because I will argue with anyone who argues...It is a fact...


  1. I don't know what is sillier - the fact that everyone expected him to do it. Or the fact that he did.

    Madness. No argument from me, but some (many) sportswriter somewhere will find a reason to vote for Mauer or Jeter or Vladi. I guarantee we will be hearing the argument this fall.

  2. I am just confused by Grieve's wording:

    "I will argue with anyone who argues... it is a fact"

    Knowing Grieve well, I know that it is a fact that he does like to argue. Or did he mean, it is a fact that Papi should be the MVP?

    I think I'll settle for both!

  3. You know there even will be some who say that Papelbon is the MVP of the team, so how can Papi be MVP of the league. I might have even believed that myself until about 4 weeks ago when Papi began his annual run of walk-offs.

  4. An elipse means pause...

    I meant that I would vehemently oppose anyone who questions that Ortiz is the most ridiculous hitter in clutch situations...

    In the words of Cornholio, "Are you threatening me?"

  5. Grieve I was mostly commenting on the vagueness of "it".

    In the words of Cornholio, "I need more TP for my bunghole!"

  6. Oe word...YES!!!!!! And for Kyle Snyder.......YES!!!!!

  7. One word, I meant..and still....YES!!!!!!