Saturday, July 22, 2006

It can't be as easy as it seems

So last year, Tito seemed not to learn that Timlin was terrible at coming in mid inning. Actually at one point, I was really worried for the health of Rosie, as it seemed to be particularly frustrating for GR. And I can't say I blamed him. And sure, last year there was a dearth of relievers, so perhaps that might be why Tito kept running him out there and did not learn from the experience.

Well this year we have Exhibit II. Craig Hansen. In a developing trend, Hansen has proven to be incredibly effective in his first innng of work. But bring him out for second inning, and it is almost a guarantee that he will give up a run or two. perhpas last night was Tito recognizing the trend and trying to give him som confidence - the Sox holding a 6 run lead and all. But if Tito does it again (especially with some good other arms this year), I will wonder what in the hell Bill James is doing back in Boston.

The numbers.

Last night - 1st inning. O runs. Second inning. 2 runs.
July 15 and 17 - one inning each. O runs.
July 13 - 1st inning. O runs. Second inning. 2 runs. (1 earned)
July 9 - one inning. 0 runs
July 8 - 1st inning O runs. Second inning (1/3 of an inning). 1 run.
July 6 - 1st inning O runs. Second inning 1 run (scored after he left, but still charged to Hansen)
July 1, 5 and June 30 - you guessed it. 1 inning. 0 runs.
I would keep going and cite other examples - vs. Washington on June 20 (clean 8th, 2 runs in the 9th). But I won't. I'll just say he has given up 10 runs this year. And 7 have been in his second inning of work. Or to put another way, in his first inning of work he has an ERA around 18, yet in his first inning his ERA is around 2.25.

Suffice it to say, I never expect to see Hansen out for a second of inning of work again this year. And if I do, it better in situations like last night - at least a 5 run lead.


  1. NY AM papers should have a field day with A-Rod's 0-4 and Super Golden Sombrero (4 K's).

  2. I wrote about Hansen"s one inning brilliance a week ago. The numbers were so glaring. I'm glad to see you picked up on what is now something Tito is well aware of. Only when we have an 8 run lead, or bigger, should he be allowed to go 2 plus. He and Little Manny make an effective pair, leading to THE MAN. And no, I'm not forgetting Timlin. Between the 3, the bridge to Paps is strong, as is our team.