Monday, July 31, 2006




  1. I hope everyone is happy. I just hope people don't bitch and moan too much if the sox fail to make the playoffs or are bounced early. The same "we still have Lester, Hansen, Delcarmen, Pedroia, etc" attitude might not exist if we are 3 games out on september 16.

  2. X can you give us a summary of the best deals we didn't make? My feeling is that of the players that were out there we're just as good off with what we have then what we would have gotten.

  3. And I amnot meaning to bitch here. I've said it before and I'll say it again - In Theo We Trust.

    It was just clear that there were two ways to go today and Theo chose one way.

    Had they went out and paid a steep price for a part or two, I don't think it would have guaranteed anything. And at least now we are guaranteed that there is some flexibility going into 2007 and beyond.

    Now lets hope for a 2004-esque 18 out of 20 stretch.

  4. Summary of the best deals we didn't make.

    Pretty much all of them.

    I think your assessment that we are just as good with the players we have as opposed to the players we could have gotten is accurate.

    I am a bit surprised to have not seen a smaller deal (albeit lower risk, loser upside) - an Odalis or Oliver Perez, or Rheal Cormier. Hell, just give the Royals a $1million and they probably would have hand delivered Perez.

    The one deal I would have made in a heart beat was Coco for Buerhle, but obviously it was a good trade for the Red Sox since White Sox apparently turned down in a heart beat.

  5. Not sure what to think. Definitely ITWT. What's going to drive me nuts are all the people complaining about the lack of trades. And you just KNOW these are the same people who whine about Bagwell and Murton and Robertson, etc.

    Meanwhile, the Padres have decided it's not enough to the Sox's recent castoffs, and they also needed the earlier castoffs that those castoffs replaced.

  6. Even still... ITWT, but I feel empty. As X pointed out that feeling would quickly disappear if we went 18 for 20. Hell, I'd feel better if we took 3 out of 4 against the Indians.

  7. I don't know what is worse - the fans that whine about Bagwell probably had never heard of Bagwell when he was traded or now that we are in a 24 X 7 news environment, there is a certain element of RSN that think the Sox should not tade any prospect.

    They think the Sox should have Youk at first, Pedroia at second, Hanley at 3B, have kpet Bill Meuller and have a rotation of Schilling, Lester, Alvarez, Anibel Sanchez and Wake backed up by Delcarmen, Hansen, Papelbon, Arroyo, Timlin and Foulke.

    And they have lots of fodder when Hanley starts off batting .313/.377/.438/.815 through May 31 but has hit Just .219 since.

  8. I will add this...Theo is thinking 2007 and beyond it appears.

    So. let's look to next year. It looks like an outfield of Pena, Crisp, and Manny. Possibly David Murphy.

    Youk at first, Pedroia at second, ??? at SS, and Lowell at third.

    Tek and Mirabelli (you'd have to think) catching.

    That's not much of a lineup.

    Then you have Schilling, Beckett, Lester, and others...Even with the young guys sticking, do you move Papelbon to the rotation? That gives you a very good 1-4, but Schilling is still your ace.

    Your pen still relies heavily on Timlin (if he's still around), and two relatively unproven guys.

    None of this looks like a contender next year (considering the Yankees won't resign Sheff and will already have Abreu in place) and then can look for pitching.

    The Sox, of course, can make some offseason moves...but I still feel they SHOULD have done something this year. Because analyzing what is coming next year (based on the no trade thing today), this year the team may have stood more of a chance of a championship...

    Just my thoughts...

  9. The EEI guys were talking to Carl K. from Baseball Tonight this morning and Carl (born in Needham) had some interesting insight. He felt the biggest question in his mind was why not get Roy Oswalt? Apparently, we balked at that deal because it involved Lester. Carl's point was that Lester, while good, is a placement pitcher and that historically these types of pitchers do not do well in the post season (see Maddux). In my opinion, I think this was the only deal potentially worth doing. That being said, if my memory serves me correctly, hasn't Oswalt slipped a little in the past few years?

    Well, only time will tell about our man Lester. 84 base runners in 54 innings isn't a good sign, but he's still young.

  10. Lester can bring the heat, as well. He's only 22. Yes, he has control issues, no doubt about that, but he's also already proven he can win at this level.

    What I don't think is that Lester is the number 3 guy THIS year. He's pitching well enough now, but his lack of control will hurt him against teams with patient lineups.

    He's not Matt Clement control problems, though...

    Also, I think Wells is going to be serviceable. He's a guy who is a spot the ball pitcher, and just couldn't spot last night. That will come with another start or two.

    Also, how awesome was Snyder? Looks like he may be very valuable in the pen. Even in his starts he generally got through the lineup once or twice before he got clobbered...

    So, Wells and Snyder are probably good enough for now...Although the Sox definitely could have used a top of the rotation guy, no doubt.

    And what to do now that Tek is down? Waiver wire deal?