Thursday, July 13, 2006

The best yet

Okay, so we continue to get a ridiculous amount of web traffic from people looking for Hazel Mae pictures; about 20% of all our unique visitors find us by searching for "hazel mae nude", "hazel mae boobs", etc. (of course, every time I make a post like this I just increase that number). But someone came here via a new search string, which I really like:

I really want to meet the person who typed that. Random person from St. Louis, please come back. Or at least send me an email. You are our greatest visitor ever.

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  1. And a follow up on how A-Rod's absolute stunning availability to the media leads to him getting way more slack. this is an actual quote:

    ``He's our Jackie Robinson," Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who is Dominican born, said of Clemente, who is perhaps Puerto Rico's greatest sports hero. ``All we knew growing up was Roberto Clemente, the way he went about playing, the way his career ended, the way he died helping others. He was a true role model for me. There's going to be a piece of Roberto Clemente watching over all of us."

    Now sure it is nice to hear a player actually know a bit about history. But I have to imagine it is a bit disingenious. Clemente IS huge in Puerto Rico, but Alex is Dominican. And as we all recall from his WBC fiasco, he grew up in Miami. And graduated high school in 1993. So this would but his baseball formative years at about 1987 - 1993. So are we really to believe that Clemente is all he heard about? wouldn't there have been some adoration and admiration from another Latin immigrant out of Miami who just happened to be MVP in 1988 (Canseco)? Or what about, say Ken Griffey Jr? Or, a pretty decent shortstop in that time - Cal Ripken? there are a bunch of quotes from A-rod out there about how Ripken was his idol growing up. A whole bunch.

    So its nice to have the proper respect for the game. But really Alex, you wonder why people don't like you? You try to hard. Its sad.