Saturday, July 29, 2006

Durham Bullshit

X has commented a couple times on the three problem-prospects in the Devil Rays system (B. J. Upton, Delmon Young, and Elijah Dukes) . Just in case you thought those problems were isolated incidents, check this article out. These guys are pathetic. However, Joe Maddon seems to be handling it well. For some reason I really like that guy, and hope he's able to right the ship. Or better yet, get promoted to a better managing gig, in a different division...

(On an unrelated note: a couple years ago, did anyone else roll their eyes at all the early buzz about "Jeff Weaver's younger brother"? I was sure he wouldn't be anything special. Uh...whoops.)


  1. Yeah, I read that piece this morning. The hardest part is that they inhereited these allegedly really talented ball players that they are supposed to build a team around. and they are real punks. it would be nice to see them kept in the minors a while as "punishment." You can fine a guy a few thousand here or there, but keep him from accruing mlb service time and now you are talking hundreds of thousands if not millions in the long run.

    even just denying a september call up is worth about $50K.

  2. I totally agree - put them in their place. I like that some MLBers went on record saying they were being ridiculous.

    Speaking of D-Rays hitters: why does it seem that the Yankees lose big on a semi-regular basis? It seems this is the 5th or 6th time in the last couple seasons they've given up 18+ runs.

  3. funny, just last night NESN was showing highlights from a game a few years ago in which Lansing got a walk off hit and i could not help but think "boy could the sox use an emotional victory now." so today they do it. now it may not even make the top five list for the season, but a nice win that they can hopefully build off. of course I don't really believe in chemistry and all that non-sense, but the media and some of the fans do. so schilling goes tomorrow. they can get the series win. which is a hell of a lot better than they way things looked in the top of the 8th today.

  4. "It seems this is the 5th or 6th time in the last couple seasons they've given up 18+ runs."

    It seems like it, because they nearly have.

    earlier this month - 18-1 to cle
    Twice vs us last year 17-1
    once last year to baltimore 17-5
    in 2004 they suffered there worse loss ever at home vs cle 22-0 and then about a week later lost to KC 17-7

  5. Thanks - too lazy to look it up myself.

    The Wikipedia entry on Joe Maddon says he was considered a major contender for manager of the Red Sox in 2004. Is that right? I remember Bud Black (also in the Angels organization) coming up a lot, but Maddon doesn't ring any bells for me.

  6. And I hear you on the Weaver thing. Same with Stephen Drew. And coming back to the original post..... Delmon v Dimitri.

    The book on the Braves I read talked about how much scouts and (old school) GMs love people from baseball families. Just because they had a father or brother that made it, they think it gives the player an advantage.

    As i said in an earlier comment, not that I believe in chemistry.

    Its amazing how quickly things change. It seems right before the ASB, all the pundits were saying the white sox were the team to beat and they looked good (strong pitching, thome, konerko and dye as tough as any 3-4-5) and people were discouting the tigers. and now, if the season ended today, they would be out.

    then again the 2004 sox were mediocre up until about august 8. I guess you never really know.

  7. Now that you mention Maddon, it seems to ring a bell. My favorite thing about him is his glasses.