Sunday, June 18, 2006

Another D-Rays Prospect with Troubles

Following up to a post from Friday, another top prospect of the D-Rays, Elijah Dukes, has been suspended.

The D-Rays have always drafted young players with tons-o-tools, so it probably is more of an indictment of kids in general than anything the D-Rays are doing organizationally. Young kids. Away from home. A little bit of money. The should be in college. And when i was in college the dumb things I did were limited (because I had no money) and not published (because, well, no one gives a damn about an engineering major at BU.)

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  1. Holy crap. I just remembered the D-Rays also had drafted Josh hamilton who was banned from baseball (drug use) and I looked that up and he was drafted in 1999.

    So of course I needed to look up who they drafted in 2001. And that one appears to have broken the pattern (although its not too late for someone to go all Jose Guillen on someone). The Rays 2001 haul was actually their best ever. Number one pick Dewon Brazelton has not lived up to billing, but he at least has made it to the show. That year saw them draft Johnny gomes (18th round), Joey Gathright (32nd), Chad Gaudin (34th) and David Bush (although he did not sign).