Friday, June 30, 2006


Damn, that was one hell of a game. Pitching, hitting, defense, and now four-fifths of an entire division has been swept. Three games ago, following the sweeps of three of NL's bottom-dwellers, I said "I can't get too excited, yet...The next three games should tell us a lot." Well, they did, and I'm convinced - this team has clicked. Now I'm excited.


  1. Also, I'm finding: I sort of like the Mets. Weird.

  2. Yea, this is really exciting. I can only imagine that our pitching will get better because the guys will start trusting our defense more and more. This will mean that our pitchers will be more comfortable to throw stirkes when they need to, which will translate into staying ahead in the count and keeping hitters on their heals.

    On top of that, with our offense clicking both long and short that can help build confidence through out the team as well. We all know that pitching with a lead is different then pitching from behind.

    What a great week!