Friday, June 30, 2006


And, the second I get excited, they lose. Oh well, hell of a streak - let's start a new one, tomorrow. My feelings today are exactly what they were the day in 2004 that their 10-game win-streak was snapped. I was visiting Boston, having lunch at Miracle of Science, watching them lose to the Rangers. I told the bartender, "Man, I forgot what it's like to lose." Turns out he was a Yankees fan, so wasn't exactly sympathetic. But anyway, this whole "forgot what it's like to lose" thing is pretty cool - I wouldn't mind feeling it again. And I don't think I'll ever get used to this whole "defense" thing.

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  1. Earl, I've forgotten the last time one of the "faithful four" has lost. And by that I mean Wakes, Jon, Josh and Curt. And a rested Timlin and Paps tonight, if needed. Plus Hansen looked just fine last night. I see him as taking the place of ailing Fouke, one inning at a time. Half the bridge to Paps. Thanks for your visiits to my little blog, too!