Thursday, June 29, 2006


So the Pedro game - matchup of two aces of two top teams in their respective leagues - wasn't quite as exciting as I had hoped. And the "Pay-dro" and "Who's Your Daddy" chants were embarrassing. Pedro left after three, and as everyone noted, it was the most runs he gave up since Sept 19, 2004 and his shortest outing since Sept 26, 2003. But neither of those starts were actually worse than this one - in the 2004 outing (against the Yanks) he gave up 8ER in 5IP, much better than 6ER in 3IP, and the 2003 outing was nothing but a tuneup for the playoffs. So when was the last time he actually pitched worse than yesterday's start? I can answer that...because I was there. April 12, 2003: 4.1 IP, 10 ER on 9H and 4 BB, at home against the Orioles (who went 71-91 that year). Has to be the worst start of his career. Not a fun Opening Day.


  1. wow... Jeremy Giambi was our DH. How crazy was that?

  2. Yeah, our DH...batting eighth. Thanks for pointing that out - I didn't even bother looking at the offense, so forgot all about that. I was there with the future Mrs. Earl, and she felt really bad for these two guys, "Jeremy Giambi" and "David Ortiz", who both had batting averages well below .100 at the start of the game. She went crazy when Ortiz got a hit (almost doubling his BA).

    What's funny is that Ortiz was a NOBODY back then. Six months later, he was 5th in MVP voting. (She was a little surprised to hear that.)