Sunday, June 25, 2006

This is just sad.

Yesterday in interleague, the AL outplayed the NL 11 games to 2. Bringing their season record to 97-56. That's a .634 winning percentage.

One way to think about this: the Mets are easily the best team in the NL. But if we were to give the average AL team (say, Seattle, or Minnesota) an NL-only schedule, they'd be up on the Mets by about 2 games.

Another way to think about this: the Royals have a winning record against the NL.

(We've discussed this here before, but it goes without saying that because of this, Bronson Arroyo would not being doing anywhere nearly as well with the Red Sox as he's currently doing with the Reds...but don't tell him that...)


  1. Yeah - a week or so ago I pointed out that the AL was (I think) 61-43 against the NL which is a pace for 95 wins. Did you see the article in the Globe where Theo admitted (publicly) that they felt by playing in the AL there is a 10 win advanatage. Pretty impressive.

  2. Okay, two questions for this fall, but I will throw them out there now.

    1. If the Sox make the playoffs as currently constituted and performing, the rotation goes Schilling, Beckett, correct? I won't even broach 3 and 4.

    2. Trot Nixon. At what price do they bring him back? I'm sure length is much more debatable. I think we all agree that if healthy he is in the $9-11 range. And if some team is crazy enough to give him 4 years guaranteed, we can forget about him in Boston. It would be nice to see something like 2 years with fairly attainable vesting options based on PAs. Something tells me they may need to go to 3 years guaranteed and that is a much tougher call.

  3. Weird - Yahoo says the TB game in TB is in a delay. Its an indoor stadium?

  4. Must be a Yahoo error - game's in the 7th now, with no mention of a delay.

    I refuse to discuss question 1 - I don't want to jinx anything.

    2: great question. How about offering him more than market value for just 2 years, with incentives for a 3rd?

  5. Well there was an 18 minute delay - I turned the game on and they were just resuming it, mentioned it was 18 minutes, but never said why. At least in the four minutes I could bear to watch a TB ATL game.

    Must have had something to do with the lights?

    WRT Question:

    1 fair enough. and really at this point it is 1A and 1B.

    2. I think that is a fair approach. Maybe $10 MM (hard to go above the Tek, Damon line) for two years with options for a third and maybe fourth year that automatically vest based on PA. And a buyout of $4-5?

  6. Crap - the Dutch are down with only 5 minutes to play...

  7. Damn, I jinxed the AL. So far they're 4-5 today. But KC shut out the Brewers, so that's pretty cool.

  8. Great post! In several ways. It's amazing to see the difference between the NL and the AL. Could this explain a little of the reason Beckett isn't AMAZING, just really good.

    As for the pitching order, let's just say I am happy either way.

    Finally, as for the Noxin question, I wouldn't want anything longer that 2 with an optional third year that was weghted with incentives.

    PS - The NED V. POR was sick. I've never seen two teams go at it like that. Too bad the ref was crazy and couldn't keep tempers under wraps. Portugal pose an intersting problem for the Brits. They're short on some top men, but none of their regular defenders will be missing and they have one sick counter-attack. The way the Birts are playing I wouldn't be surpised to see Portugal pull it out in another hard-fought game. The Brits haven't demonstrated fitness nor finese this cup. The sight of Beckham hurling during the final minutes of the game was their cup in a snapshot. Player looks good while puking.

    If I were any anti-Beckham fan, I'd wear a shirt that said, "Puke it like Beckham"

    Yes, you heard it here first.

  9. Not bad, but shouldn't it be some British slang? Something like

    "Hoark some chunkeys like Beckham"

  10. Earl, you're so right!

    Please pick your favorite

    Personally, I like "Shout at your shoes like Beckham", but "Barking at ants like Beckham" cracks me up.