Thursday, June 01, 2006


Via McNally North 521, the best website out there on Canadian politics and hockey and Red Sox, there's a new google toy, "Google Trends", allowing you to plot searches (and news stories) as a function of time, location, and language. For example, here are the hits for "Red Sox" (red) and "Yankees" (blue) over the last few years:

(point A is the A-Rod signing, point C is the Biggest Collapse in Sports History, etc.)

So I like this one, showing searches of the various members of the 2004 Sox. One of them is not like the others...

...but this is my favorite. On the web at least, Anna Benson is much more popular than her husband Kris - no big surprise. What's insane is where all the hits are from. Freehold, New Jersey?


  1. I know Freehold...Not too far from where I grew up.

    It is also where the County Court is located, and where there's a prison. I am wondering if the prison population has been looking at Benson, Anna. Or if the County Court system employees have? Or if I believe in Dinosaurs has been making road trips down there to CyberCafes?

  2. Bruce's hometown! And she is an idiot, but I hope her hubby pitches the BEST game of his life tonght. YES!

  3. Yes, and for the record, Freehold is an upper-middle class to upper-class town. Not sure why Bruce is all "I came from a working-class folk"...